Einat Voordes

Project Design & Delivery


Einat is a project coordinator at the Online Learning Lab of the Centre of Innovation at Leiden University. She started as a community moderator in Terrorism and Counter Terrorism and grew to be a teaching assistant in Configuring the World and in Global Affairs capstone project. Now, she is responsible for the organization of the filming of many Leiden University MOOCs as well as building course platforms and providing support to staff, instructors and students during the different stages of the course production. Einat is motivated to explore and design the future of education and she is assisting instructors to create good quality educational videos which will increase clarity, attention and engagement. Lastly, Einat is also head of two successful translation projects which made Leiden online courses - Configuring the World and Miracles of Human Language, available in 9 and 26 different languages (respectively). Translating these courses helped to increase their reach radius among worldwide Coursera users. These projects were made possible by crowdsourcing and using the knowledge and enthusiasm of the courses veteran participants for the benefit of future course viewers.