Dr Kirill Aristovich

PhD in Electrical Engineering


Key skills: Computer Simulations, Image Processing, Image Reconstruction, Dynamics and Control, Microcontrollers, Signal Processing, Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Additive Manufacturing (3D printing), Composite Materials. Key Interests: Brain imaging, Tomographic techniques, Brain-computer interface, Epilepsy research, Electrophysiology, Computer Simulations, Neuroimaging Patents: 1. IMPROVED WIND TURBINE WITH ADAPTABLE ROTOR. PCT: WO2011104506 (A2); 2011-09-01 2. DETECTING ACTIVITY IN PERIPHERAL NERVES, JRP/P139768GB00/01 Achievements and Awards: The Worshipful Company of Salters’ Prize for exceptional achievement in physical sciences (2007/2008) Journal papers: • McDermott, B. J., Avery, J., O'Halloran, M., Aristovich, K. Y., & Porter, E. (2019). Bi-frequency symmetry difference electrical impedance tomography - a novel technique for perturbation detection in static scenes. Physiol Meas. doi:10.1088/1361-6579/ab08ba • Tarotin, I., Aristovich, K. Y., & Holder, D. S. 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