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This free online course is one of 10 courses available in the Goldman Sachs 10,000 Women collection, designed for entrepreneurs ready to take their business to the next level. This course will support you to develop your marketing strategy and build your brand as your business grows. You will explore a range of useful marketing tools and learn how to use analytics to measure success in the context of your own business growth. You will gain a clear and comprehensive understanding of the marketing and sales cycle. You will use this cycle as a foundation to develop your marketing plans and sales process. By the end of this course, you will understand how to identify the right marketing tools to reach your target market, and how an effective marketing plan can convert into sales and revenue for your business. The 10,000 Women course collection offers a truly flexible online learning experience. You have the freedom to approach the program in any way that works for you – take any course, or combination of courses, to tailor your learning journey to your individual business growth needs. If you choose to take all 10 courses, you will explore all the key elements of your business and develop a thorough plan for your business’s growth. You can find out more about the Goldman Sachs 10,000 Women collection in the FAQs....



Thank you, I learn many things from basic and understand how Sales & Marketing going so far. Value added to my knowledge and useful for creating my own business sales and marketing strategy


It's a very well structured and informative course about the Sales and Marketing for beginners. It's a great starting point if you're planning to advance yourself in either of these fields.


Fundamentals of Sales and Marketing, with Goldman Sachs 10,000 Women: 1 - 25 / 121 レビュー

by rachel a


the whole learning experience was awesome and served as an eye opener to so many aspects that i overlooked in my business, there were however many processes that were new to me, but now i am confident to apply these to my business.

by Nikhil G


It was a great course for engaging into the customers and getting the knowledge about the Digital Marketing Platorms.

by Flora


Thank you, I learn many things from basic and understand how Sales & Marketing going so far. Value added to my knowledge and useful for creating my own business sales and marketing strategy

by Shivakumar N


It’s great learning with Coursera thanks a lot for providing the opportunity to lean during the quarantine period...

by Ricardo A V


top notch quality for free ... Sales and marketing will define the failure and success of a company

by Mojalefa M


Perfect course, very insightful and relevant

by Ranjani S


Even though I'm a seasoned sales and marketing professional, this course helped me brush up on my basics and threw me a few curve balls in the process! Highly recommend it.

by Garima G


I really enjoyed this course. I would suggest to include more case study exercises in it.

by Carol V H


This course was great. I now know much more about putting my marketing plan together.

by sophy m


I really learned valuable lessons that I will apply in my business.

by Mofiyinfoluwa F


Extremely helpful, I can run my business better now.

by Michelle S


Superb and the exercises were appropriate.

by Yemisi O


This course is insightful

by karan M


Good course

by Shaffi A S S B


Good One




by Tara N


Good and challenging course it no easy but very insightful and helpful. I learnt a lot.

by Karan M


Nice course

by nabil g


This course has introduced me to the specifics of marketing and sales. It serves as an eye-opener into familiarizing beginners and professionals with the ins and outs of strategic decision making especially when it comes to marketing and sale. Frankly speaking, I was deeply confused about the marketing and sales literature. Now, thanks to this generous course offered on Coursera, I feel confident to build up a solid marketing and sales strategy from scratch.

by Yanira R P


This course is amazing, the skills I learned Strengthen business's brand and set clear marketing goals and strategies.

Use de correct tools like Social Media.

Identity appropiete metrics, to mesuare brand, marketing and sales effectiveness.

I really recommended it.

Excellent information.

by Ayooluwaposi D O


I absolutely would recommend if you're just starting a business or you'd like to start one in the future or you are a digital marketer. This course really opened my eyes and my mind to the endless possibilities in sales and marketing.

by Nanaware P


its a great experience to learn this thing related to sale marketing and branding our products thank you courcera

by Aida T


Excelent course and material, very professional and with updated information. I truly recommend it.

by Zarin S R


Well oriented cours, Learning very easy way about sales andmarketin, teachers are friendly

by Nartai Z


The course is really useful and is "must-complete" to gain basic (or fundamental, as the name suggests) knowledges about sales and marketing cycle.

Besides, the information is well-structured.