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This course presents an introduction to the basics of financial accounting and finance for IT professionals. The first part of the course will focus on understanding the most important financial statements, namely, the balance sheet, the income statement, and the statement of cash flows. We will then focus on how we can understand the financial health and performance of the company by examining a number of important financial ratios that are derived from the financial statements of the company. The second part of the course will focus on the basics of finance. This includes the concept of time value of money, discounting cash flows, and capital budgeting. The course will also introduce the idea of real options, how they affect a project’s NPV, and their impact of the decision to accept/reject a project. Lectures on concepts will be supplemented with numerical examples....



Knowing company’s financial transactions is an important aspect of running a business. This course is very help full to know financial status of business.


All the basic concepts of accounting and finance have been very clearly explained. The quizzes have helped me understand and apply the formulae well.


Accounting and Finance for IT professionals: 1 - 25 / 109 レビュー

by Pradeep K


Course is comprehensive and detailed. But is a bit fast paced for people new to IT Finance

by Edgardo


I think it should be a more engaged course with practical examples

by Deepak J


Very helpful course for IT professional to understand Accounting and Finance aspects in decision making. Thanks!

by Yash V B


the course is very good for someone who wants to have a knowledge of accounting fundamentals and finance modeling in a company. the course has a few examples which make it harder for a beginner to understand the topic thoroughly.

by Abhishek A


Talking about just numbers during presentation doesn't help.Moreover, video sessions were not that engaging.

by Dr M P


It is highly convenient for indians especially because of his pace and delivery and indian pronounciation.

by Jay P


Excellent Course which will give more insight to all IT professionals about basic accounting and finance.

by Rahul D


Great basic learning on accounting and some portion on project selection.

by Leung Y H


Too fast, too intense for people without Accounting knowledge.

by Allison M


Expect the study time to double due to searching the web for more detailed explanations, visual aides, and answers to quiz questions because you will be tested on information NOT covered in the pro

by Visakapriyan


Seriously the professor doesn't know how to teach. Its as if the Siri/Cortana is reading slides. I struggled to understand concepts

by Chandra K B


Apt content for some one not from Finance background just to introduce to fundamentals of Finance relevant for an IT professional as we seek to learn looking technology investments from Finance sensitivity even before approaching our Finance colleagues. Thanks to Professor for his very detailed explanations, narration on the course

by Jacintha J


It was very useful for my career and I had learnt many things in accounting deeply and the concepts are really helpful and apart from theory they were practical sum to solve it and this course was ver interesting to learn. Thankyou sir for helping us to know more about accounting. Thankyou

by Ashok K S


This course covered all the related area of Accounting and Finance for IT professionals to understand the important area to manage the profession with informed decisions. Course material is very easy to understand even a non finance person can easily understand the subject and use it.



This Course offers wonderful insights into the world of FINANCE and precise role it plays in Project Management (Cost Functions). Its a must for all individuals who play a vital role or aspires to understand what influences a CFO to uptake and grant approvals to a project.

by Dr. S S H


This course namely Accounting and Finance for IT Professionals provides us the fundamental knowledge of Accounting and Finance. It helps us to understand the most important aspects of Accounting and Finance as well as practical details of the subject.

by Out D S


The course is a little bit complicated for me as an inexperienced student in accounting and finance and banking but overall it's been a great experience and hard work. Highly recommended for accounting and finance professionals!



I found this course very much helpful for especially for those with IT background. Some of the concepts in the course are difficult to understand BUT the way the lecture is prepared made easy to understand. Thank you indeed!

by A.Sarveswara R


Knowing company’s financial transactions is an important aspect of running a business. This course is very help full to know financial status of business.

by Akella K M


All the basic concepts of accounting and finance have been very clearly explained. The quizzes have helped me understand and apply the formulae well.



This Course give me lots of key point for accounting and finance management. Instructors were give their best to teach each point very deeply.

by Eram f


This course increase knowledge and skill of accounting and finance and full knowledge of accounting and finance

Thank you coursera. Org

by Aparna C


It was really very informative with apt examples and I really enjoyed working with different formulae in the assignment section.

by Aman M


This course covers the basics of accounting in an elaborate manner. Easy to understand this course.

by Jebin T


The course is very helpful for people who would like to start a career in Accounting and finance