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In this course, you will learn how to use accounting to facilitate and align decisions made by owners, managers, and employees. You will learn how accountants create, organize, interpret, and communicate information that improves internal processes, and allows organizations to identify and leverage opportunities to create value within the supply chain and with customers. Upon successful completion of this course, you will be able to: • Understand what managerial accounting is and why it is important. • Describe fundamental concepts of managerial accounting. • Apply the financial perspective of accounting for costs. • Identify problems associated with relying on financial accounting information for internal decision making. • Organize cost information according to the decision-making needs of the organization. • Apply activity-based costing (ABC) and recognize the influence of setting and decision characteristics on the relevance of ABC systems. • Address common "what-if" questions using cost-volume-profit (CVP) analysis. • Apply CVP analysis in a variety of scenarios. This course is part of the iMBA offered by the University of Illinois, a flexible, fully-accredited online MBA at an incredibly competitive price. For more information, please see the Resource page in this course and



Oct 07, 2017

Enjoyed this course as part of the Online MBA from UIUC. The concepts are solidly explained with examples and plenty of practice exams that you can re-take unlimited times to test your understanding.


Nov 20, 2017

The topics are very precise and straight forward to the practice, I just would like to say that more practice would be fantastic with real cases but the time to complete the task is to short


Managerial Accounting: Cost Behaviors, Systems, and Analysis: 76 - 100 / 149 レビュー

by Durga B P

Sep 13, 2016

Good course. Covers the fundamentals very well.

by Yiran J

Jun 15, 2020

professor Gary is very patient and responsive.

by Neeraj C

May 24, 2020

Very nice and informative and descriptive too.

by Christopher O R

May 12, 2018

A good professour and excellent way of teching

by Gamal M E

Nov 01, 2017

wonderful course and the instructor is amazing

by Subrat G

Sep 15, 2017

Great course and Gary is an awesome professor.

by Partha S P

May 17, 2018

The concepts have been presented very lucidly

by Camilo T

Feb 03, 2020

Thank you very intersting and usefull course

by Joshua P S

Aug 16, 2017

Excellent Course, straight and to the point!

by Nikolaos K

Jun 16, 2020

Fully Explained and well structured Modules

by Leonard B C

Jan 30, 2019

Great explanations and very concise lessons


Dec 27, 2017

Excelente curso, bien explicado y completo

by Whitney H

Jun 24, 2020

it was difficult but i love a challenge

by Kamala A

May 18, 2020

very informative and nicely explained

by Iulia M

Nov 07, 2016

Very helpful and interesting course.

by Shikshaa S

May 07, 2020

it was a very informarive course!

by Mohammad r F

Mar 28, 2020

this is a really useful course

by 马嘉任

Sep 27, 2016

Very detailed course,fantastic

by Pooja k

May 24, 2019

it is a very useful course

by Ahmed N R

Jun 05, 2018

Informative and practical

by Hazim A M F

May 13, 2020

I strongly recommend it

by Kevin S

Jun 02, 2020

I enjoyed this course!


May 18, 2020

Excellent experience

by Angeliki A

Jul 11, 2019

Very understandable

by Tauheed K

May 11, 2019

Excellent Learning