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This project completer has proven a deep understanding on massive parallel data processing, data exploration and visualization, advanced machine learning and deep learning and how to apply his knowledge in a real-world practical use case where he justifies architectural decisions, proves understanding the characteristics of different algorithms, frameworks and technologies and how they impact model performance and scalability.  Please note: You are requested to create a short video presentation at the end of the course. This is mandatory to pass. You don't need to share the video in public....



Innovative teacher and course. Learned how to make a youtube video beside the data science challenge. On the whole specialization, very comprehensive and set me up to want to delve further next.


I liked the peer-graded environment.\n\nLike the final submission requirements. That's really helps in aquiring the skills like presentation skills, Documentation skills, project mangement


Advanced Data Science Capstone: 51 - 65 / 65 レビュー

by Morla A



by Hector V



by Tobias H



by Edward J


I enjoyed the whole of this specialisation and I have learnt a lot. However, the instructions for the final assignment need to be a lot clearer as it is a massive leap in difficulty when the labs in the previous modules/courses have been quite limited. Very pleased to have a project for my portfolio though. Thank you to all the instructors who presented very clearly and especially to Romeo who has a real gift for getting across his real passion for the subject.

by Dmitry S


Good Capstone course. Nice guidance through all the steps of a typical data science project and architectural decisions to be made. It provides a good perspective and complements the rest of the courses in this specialization.

by Julien P


Good course. But the peer-rating system could be improved: it takes a long period of time (several days) to get a review.

by Giovani F M


Great course It was a good opportunity to apply the knowledge from previous courses of this specialization.

by Mark B


Hard to follow ... found a lot of assistance in discussion forums

by Ioana B


The acquired knowledge during this specialization didn't help too much for preparing the capstone project. Also the lectures inside the specialization focused too much on math and too little on practice and on algorithms explanations. It's good to have some idea about the math behind but I would have rather preferred working with python machine learning and NLP stuff than with creating math functions from scratch in python considering it already has its own libraries to do them. Also the explanations were not that perfect and a better English speaking teachers would be appreciated.

IBM Data Science Professional Certificate was much much better and maybe I had higher expectations from this one as well.

by Reinaldo A M R


The capstone project takes a lot to be reviewed by someone else and I wanted my certificate already!

by Hossein D


it was good, But we need to dive deeper

by Robert F


Fairly good.

by Víctor M P


I will not complete this course, I can't create a video explaining all the project, you should check the duration of the course, you can't create a video in (13.5 / 4) hours explaining all the project, moreover if the project is interesting.

I probably choose a bad project because it could be a university master project and requires a lot of work (is based on a string matching thesis), but choosing a different project will be problematic too.

by Stéphane D


Unlimited access to IBM cloud without monthly quota must be apply for student.

Too much kernel error, lost of time and credits (even if quota is free).

That gives a negative view of the framework and a bad image for the company that should be interested in a cloud framework.

by Sonja T


Prior specialization classes did not prepare us to perform at this level.