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This course from Lunds university will help you understand and use AI so that you can transform your organisation to be more efficient, more sustainable and thus innovative. The lives of people all over the world are increasingly enhanced and shaped by artificial intelligence. To organisations there are tremendous opportunities, but also risks, so where do you start to plan for AI, business and the future of work? Whether you are in the public or private sector, in a large organisation or a small shop, AI has a growing impact on your business. Most organisations don’t have a strategy in place for how to make AI work for them. The teacher, Anamaria Dutceac Segesten, will guide you through the topics with short lectures, interviews and interactive exercises meant to get you thinking about your own context. 12 industry professionals, AI experts and thought leaders from different industries have been interviewed and will complement the short lectures to give you a broad overview of perspectives on the topics. You will meet: Kerstin Enflo Professor in Economic History Lund University Dr. Irene Ek Founder Digital Institute Samuel Engblom Policy Director The Swedish Confederation of Professional Employees Pelle Kimvall Lead Solution Ideator AFRY X Joakim Wernberg Research Director, Digitalisation and Tech Policy Swedish Entrepreneurship Forum Marcus Henriksson Empathic Leader of AI & Automation and Digital Business Development Empathic Johan Grundström Eriksson Board Advisor, Innovation Management & Corporate Governance Founder & Chairman, aiRikr Innovation AB Jakob Svensson Professor in Media and Communication Studies Malmö University Ulrik Franke Senior Researcher RISE Research Institutes of Sweden Björn Lorentzon Nordic Growth Lead Sympa Anna Felländer Founder AI Sustainability Center Prof. Fredrik Heintz Associate Professor of Computer Science Linköping University...



AI, Business & the Future of Work: 1 - 7 / 7 レビュー

by Bandula W


Well designed course to introduce AI. When I began I had heard of AI but thought this a new trend of the younger generation. Dr. Anamaria conducted the course very professionally and efficiently and gave a good insight to what is AI, how it is applied and effecting us and what to expect in the future. Now I know AI is all around us and effecting our daily life. I hope the developers will follow ethical practices so that AI will constructively help the humans to develop the world to be a better place rather than destructively make the world a sadder place,

by Patryk B


G​reat course that taught me many things about Artificial Intelligence, it's risks and possibilities as well as how to effectively introduce AI into one's business!

by Lina P


It's a very good course, congrats, the teacher and the experts invited are awesome

by Alicia R C


Muy didácticos los vídeos, los contenidos me parecen muy interesantes y útiles

by Simom A


The course provides great insight into the application of AI in business.



very good course