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In this capstone, learners will apply their deep learning knowledge and expertise to a real world challenge. They will use a library of their choice to develop and test a deep learning model. They will load and pre-process data for a real problem, build the model and validate it. Learners will then present a project report to demonstrate the validity of their model and their proficiency in the field of Deep Learning. Learning Outcomes: • determine what kind of deep learning method to use in which situation • know how to build a deep learning model to solve a real problem • master the process of creating a deep learning pipeline • apply knowledge of deep learning to improve models using real data • demonstrate ability to present and communicate outcomes of deep learning projects...

AI Capstone Project with Deep Learning : 1 - 7 / 7 レビュー

by Uria L

Jan 21, 2020

the course was released to early. about half the materials wasn't available.

by Eric

Jan 20, 2020

Just a basic project that could have been incorporated as one exercise into any of the other courses that are a part of this specialization. 2 of the sections were missing the exercises so one of the instructors didn't even submit his course material. Do not pay for this course or this specialization!

by Adriano A S

Jan 17, 2020

Curso com muitos problemas didáticos. Explicacões incompletas. Existe um material do Keras que é cobrado como nota, porém que não está disponível no curso. Fiquei completamente frustrado com o conteúdo do curso.

by Mark C

Jan 17, 2020

Materials don't appear to be finished for the course, lots of spelling mistakes throughout.

by Frank

Jan 16, 2020

Too much of the course was being developed as the students were trying to take it.

by Theodore G

Jan 19, 2020

Very good start, but expertise with Deep Learning is driven by actually dealing with your own issues, not following a known issue. Far more difficult to develop and grade, but would illustrate a level of mastery. This one illustrate a knowledge level of how things work. This course should be folded into the individual courses (Keras & PyTorch AI courses) instead.

by Rohaan A

Jan 23, 2020

The course is incomplete