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AI is not only for engineers. If you want your organization to become better at using AI, this is the course to tell everyone--especially your non-technical colleagues--to take. In this course, you will learn: - The meaning behind common AI terminology, including neural networks, machine learning, deep learning, and data science - What AI realistically can--and cannot--do - How to spot opportunities to apply AI to problems in your own organization - What it feels like to build machine learning and data science projects - How to work with an AI team and build an AI strategy in your company - How to navigate ethical and societal discussions surrounding AI Though this course is largely non-technical, engineers can also take this course to learn the business aspects of AI....



Good High-level intro for AI which is useful for not only those unfamiliar with AI and how it works but also useful for engineers to see how AI relates to the business & when it makes sense to use AI.


Simple yet very informative and interesting. The length of the course is just nice and the course has triggered me to learn more about AI. Thank you Andrew ! Great stuff! Keep up the good work in AI !


すべての人のためのAI: 51 - 75 / 8,275 レビュー

by Akshat B


After I did this course, I'd say I skimmed over a book explaining what AI is, what it does, how it can be used, what had been done, what can be done, what should not be done. I say skimming because it should discuss a little more in technicality and not completely in layman terms. nonetheless, I learned things I didn't know and I am happy about it.

by Sean O


Good overview of AI.

by Nitin S


Waste of money hardly talks anything meaningful about AI. Better read few articles on AI then wasting money on this course

by Mariyada K


I did not find much information

by giri b



by Tushar K R


The lecture for AI course as delivered by Mr Andrew was excellent. And explained beautifully and I understand that it is to sweep the world. Considering its bias possibility and adversary attacks, it is important to get it controlled through licensing or Government enforced guidelines process. Depending on the level of AI, like Robotics in the space, it is needed to be under full control of UN and respective government so that fruits of the Technology can be beneficial to humankind all over the world.

BBC documentary on world war II delineates destruction of humanity by people whose consciousness level could not be elevated. Nobody knows who is the enemy of the other side. Rishi Aurobindo who was the spiritual exponent died on 05 Dec, 1950 in his life-time was deeply meditating over the reason of the absence of compassion in some segment of the mankind. As theorized and practiced by Rishi Aurobindo - that consciousness level can be raised from inert matters and sees elevation to plant, animals, mankind and ultimately God through invoking of all-pervading divine forces and power. This principle if can be propagated to large mass of people will do good for the world along with evolution of AI.

by Raviraja S


This course gave me an abstract view of AI as well as a realistic view of AI i.e. a high level sense of what AI can and can not do. So, for someone who is first trying to understand what is AI all about, what are the key tools of AI i.e. Machine Learning including Deep Learning and Data Science, this course provides a right perspective. It also mentions good case studies about complex AI products as well as the roles and responsibilities of large AI teams. AI transformation playbook will be really helpful for companies to get the feel of AI and strategies it for the right future of AI in their company. Finally there is a good perspective on how AI can impact society and how we can navigate the rise of AI in future. The course finally teaches us to keep learning to build knowledge. Great foundational course and very well narrated by professor Andrew Ng.

by Luis A S d A


Este foi o meu primeiro curso sobre Inteligência Artificial, então isso deve ser levado em consideração na minha avaliação - ou seja, quem for ler deve saber disso. outro ponto importante é que não tenho background técnico. Dito isso, o curso foi bastante válido como um primeiro passo para entender o que é IA e, principalmente, o que preciso levar em consideração quando penso em "criar" uma aplicação em IA ou quando uma empresa pensa em fazer algo assim. Consegui caminhar os primeiros passos neste entendimento. O que seria importante como sugestão é uma continuação do curso, dando dicas do que devemos buscar conforme nossos objetivos e grau de conhecimento. Em resumo, não posso opinar sobre a qualidade do curso para quem já tem um background no assunto. Mas para as pessoas que, como eu, não tem conhecimento nem formação técnica, o curso é valido.

by Rakesh R


Artificial intelligence is one of the most talked technologies these days. No business is left untouched from this advanced technology. From automated cars to chat bots, AI has made our life a lot simpler. The usage and implementation of AI is being explored in almost all the industries. In simpler words AI is everywhere and it is ruling this generation of transformational technologies which has the capability to change the way we look at technology. AI is about to bring a disruption in times to come and thus an understanding of AI becomes invariably important. This course gives you a basic understanding of AI and its capabilities and limitations. Andrew is an amazing instructor and his lectures are on point. AI is the new electricity and thus we need to leverage this unbelievably strong technology for the benefit of mankind.

by Dr A J


It has been a wonderful experience learning AI, I am a Management Faculty, Dr. Anupama, Associate Professor in a Management School, in Hyderabad, Telangana , India. I always had curiosity to understand AI, as my children are graduating in computer science and having heard this buzz word, AI... could learn about it, and will continue to learn and see how to make use of it. Adding to it is Mr.ANDREW'S LUCID way of teaching which made it much more interesting. Im really thankful to Mr,Andrew for his patience and explanation which anyone can understand. Finally, i feel fortunate to learn this course from course era, with out which, this could not have been possible. Thank you once again, i will make all my friends who are equally interested in learning something new to attend this course.Thank you once again.

by Sobia P


I found this course very informative, specifically for the one like me, who is starting this AI from scratch. Andrew Ng provided a complete picture of how AI can be practically implemented for the betterment of society. I would like to suggest if some practical videos of AI applications could be added like how Alexa, siri are being used. As being a national of developing country Pakistan where technology is not very common. These devices are very expensive and are not frequently used, so a exposure is required. And another suggestion concept in case studies in which step expertise of software engineer, Machine learning engineer are required need to be emphasized. What kind of hardware support is required need to be discussed for the development of application Otherwise it was perfect. Thanks Andrerw Ng.

by Amey M


This basic course about AI is really helpful to start career in AI. The first step in any course is to understand basics about the subject which is provided by this course about AI. As we see that AI is the future in any industry, the person belonging to technical as well as non technical background can study AI.This course is well designed for beginners. Being a beginner in AI, I understood the concept of AI, what it can do,most importantly what it cannot do, its limitations, steps to follow to implement AI, impact of AI on economy and society. Finally, I am confident that because of this course, I will be able to develop a suitable project to make system efficient and intelligent. I thank Coursera for providing such a nice course.

by Sonia


This course helped learn the difference between a Data Science and ML project and build an intuition of how I can apply this iin my context. For example, data science can help derive insights about user behavior in consuming learning content. For this I learned that gathering data from various sources and connecting the patterns in the data set, is what data can help. Once I have this then maybe I can build a ML to make recommendations at the right time at the right place users to pick a new skill or a new trend. This means if I can learn about Data Science tools, ML and synthesize it with my design, user experience, I can operate at the intersection of the two and future proof my skills. Thank you for building this course.

by Ivette G


Exceptional! I enjoyed this course very much. It has demystified some misinformation about AI's capabilities. It has also help me feel comfortable with the technology and insights as to its applicability in the eLearning industry. I like that the videos are short and topics flow sequentially. Your examples are on-point with what is currently available in the real world. Your wit and charm also added to you delivery. I will in deed keep learning I am hook on AI. Thank you as well for taking the time and putting so much effort in creating these video. You are a true defender of AI and showing those that take this course the truth about AI and that it is not an evil technology aim to destroy the human race.

by Aarthi L S


Excellent course for leaders looking at building AI teams within their organizational unit

Teams getting started with launching AI in their org often have this notion of ML being a magic wand and along with that comes unrealistic expectations. The course helps you choose an appropriate AI project, set realistic goals, workflow of a ML project and pitfalls to avoid which will enable a successful MVP.

The final week course cautions us on how our real-life biases of race and gender can spill into AI.An awareness of this is essential for ensuring that atleast the virtual world is free of bias.

Overall, a must-do course if you want to enable your org to embrace AI and your team to take their first steps in AI.

by Anirudh S


I took this course to get an understanding of Artificial Intelligence and how it would relate to my work. I must say that the course has been highly informative and given me an insight into the utility and limitations of Artificial Intelligence. I understood the general working of an AI system, with many examples, and the impacts AI can make on businesses, at present and in the near future. It was also interesting to know the inter-relation among AI, Machine Learning, Deep Learning and Data Science. Furthermore, I feel that understanding the factors to take into consideration while selecting an AI project is very important, which has been dealt with adeptly in course.

by Sébastien L


I just finished this course and I must say I loved the teaching style of Andrew Ng! He is enthusiastic, he cares about his audience and promotes an ethical use of AI while making complicated topics such as machine learning and deep learning accessible to the public. "AI for Everyone" is really an appropriate title for this course: you may be a complete beginner or a more advanced user, you will certainly find something interesting along the way. Even if you knew about all the topics being covered here, it would still be a great refresher as it's quick and well presented. Cheers to Andrew! I will for sure enroll in all other courses offered by this competent lecturer.

by Harshit K G


The course is well-prepared to give a brief theoretical overview of Artificial Intelligence, and also includes its various aspects starting from Artificial Narrow Intelligence (ANI) and Artificial General Intelligence (AGI) to revealing various types of AI, and even explains for a realistic view of AI. This course is a must to have a brief knowledge on AI, and getting a sound knowledge on talking AI. It does not involve any programming, but offers good amount of easy to cover and nicely explained theory.

I am glad to finish this course, and would recommend it to anyone willing to start with the concepts of AI, by the expert, Andrew NG sir (Co-Founder of Coursera).

by Deepak T


I had great learning through this course and can say that I am now more aware of what AI is and all the related concepts. This really is need of the hour to keep ourselves updated on the latest technology. By acquiring knowledge and better understanding one could make good use of the same by implementing in an appropriate manner mostly focusing on the positive side but also keeping in mind the negative side of over using the technology. To keep it simple, we should follow GOLDILOCKS rule which is neither "NOT TOO OPTIMISTIC" nor " TOO PESSIMISTIC" but "JUST BE RIGHT". I would like to thank Mr. Andrew for keeping the course simple yet convincing.

by Alejandro E M C


This is a basic introductory course about AI. With personal experiences and easy teaching style, Andrew Ng explained what exactly is AI, and what exactly are each trending terms, such as "Machine Learning", "Data Science", "Big Data", etc. Andrew is an inspring professor, teaching with clear and easy style. One of the best part of this course is the consideration of ethical issues. Andrew offers us his own "trained neural network" (not artificial), coming from his experience, providing exclusive and very valuable experiences and tips from his own role as AI developer in Google. Thank you very much, Andrew, for sharing your experience with us!.

by Hugo M M d C


To cover very quickly AI, as the latest "hot" area of knowledge and/or topic/field of business decisions, this is an excellent course for a non-technical person (and technical person too - business side of AI). The course is very well structured. The teacher is also excellent and very clear in its several explanations. I have the following suggestion that could improve the robustness of this course: in each block, add bibliography and/or materials if someone wants to dive deep in some special topic of the course (or specific block's course). Anyway, I strongly recommend other people (technical and non-technical) to take this course.

by Harsh G


When I started this course, I thought it would be a more technical one, as a I am a student of Computer Science. I felt more and more excluded in some of the videos which were explaining about the business aspects of AI. Then as I started the 4th week, I felt so happy about this course, because after all the 4 weeks, I gain so many different point-of-views about AI and realized all that in the 4th week while learning the AI's effect on society. Although I would have been a bit happier, if the technical part of this course is raised a little.

Thank you Professor Ng for teaching us wonderful things.

by Amit T


Before this course, I had completely reverse perspective about the capabilities of AI. Going through the course material, gradually, a certain different side of information about AI developed within me. I know, this perspective, which I obtained through the divine words of Andrew Ng will help me through out my life in pursuing my passion in the field of AI and Cyber Security. I love reading continuously about the things that I am passionate about; therefore, I am going enroll in your next course of Machine Learning.

I offer my sincere gratitude to Andrew Ng for his wonderful courses at Coursera.

by Tan T N


Prof Andrew is an amazing and superb teacher who articulates extremely well and explains very clearly with a good sense of humor. He is able to engage his listeners and explain and illustrate difficult concepts with many good examples from his rich personal experiences and wealth of knowledge. It is a great joy to attend the course and Prof Andrew has certainly piqued my interest in Artificial Intelligence. Also, from the way Prof Andrew shares his viewpoints and stories, I can see that he is an highly ethical and principled man of strong moral values. Well done! Keep up your awesome work

by Ahmed M A


It is a very good introduction to AI, but not in technical way. Very good if you are a CEO or someone who is in a management role and either you are considering or want to consider AI in your business. Or maybe someone who is new to technology or programming fields and want to know what is this all fuss about.

One disclaimer though, I finished this course for free. You will learn new things I assure you, however, I can not be so sure if its worth a lot of money. So, I encourage you to prioritize your budget, Specially if you are after technical Knowledge, there is basically none here.