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Effective altruism is built on the simple but unsettling idea that living a fully ethical life involves doing the most good one can. In this course you will examine this idea's philosophical underpinnings; meet remarkable people who have restructured their lives in accordance with it; and think about how effective altruism can be put into practice in your own life. All the features of this course are available for free. It does not offer a certificate upon completion....




Excellent material on a much needed topic. The course brought together a good number of strong and important ideas, well backed by research and with very interesting and relevant guest speakers.



Wonderful course. Professor is excellent in subject as well as to convey his idea. I love the mix of lectures and guests' speakers. Thank professor Singer and Coursera for offering this course.


Effective Altruism: 76 - 100 / 168 レビュー

by Maggie G


This was the first Coursera course that I ever enrolled in, and I learned so much from it. It has given me so much food for thought. Even in my day to day life, I frequently refer to the subjects that I learned from it

by Zoe E


Great and important course. If you consider yourself ethical, this is a must. If you want to be more ethical, this is a must. Peter Singer is fantastic and this course definitely puts your ethics to the test.

by songkrant p


Wonderful course. Professor is excellent in subject as well as to convey his idea. I love the mix of lectures and guests' speakers. Thank professor Singer and Coursera for offering this course.

by Ana M C G


Bastante completo, realmente fue un reto y conocer temas que necesita la humanidad me hace sentir satisfecho. Maxime que lo hice con el Virus cov19 en el cuerpo lo hizo mas triunfante. Gracias.

by Michael M


I​ enjoyed Peter Singer's lectures and found them very helpful in understading the course subject matter. I also enjoyed his guest lecturers ... especially the Q&A after each lecture.

by Felipe G


Muy buen curso, demasiado bueno, un profesional completo el señor Peter Singer. Me encantó y ojalá que hayan más que se animen a actuar de manera altruista y vivir éticamente.

by Santiago M


Very interesting course, very interesting discussions. There's a lot to think about what is the best way to help others. Singer is very clear and I share most of his ideas.

by Andre W


An excellent course on philosophical topics related to altruism. Also, a practical guide that can help steer charity from less to more worthy causes.

by Juan J D J V S


Excelente curso, me hizo abrir los ojos de como debemos trabajar en fundaciones y grupos filantrópicos. Congrats Professor Peter Singer, Respect!

by Raphael D B


The course gives a great introduction into key philosophical and ethical concepts while also applying these to concrete situations and our lives.

by Karla M P S


Ahora veo desde otra perspectiva mis actividades altruistas y me alegra tener más recursos para evaluar a las obras de caridad que apoyo.

by Will C


Really enjoyed this course! Would recommend it to anyone looking to critically think about choices within philanthropy and beyond.

by Arthur R P L


​Very transforming your inner self to be more thoughful about the others and definetely opened my mind about the topic!

by Lenika M M H


This course is amazing, more than I expected, you can relate it with everything, no matter your career, it´s effective

by Ana L S


This was a great course and it helped me think about a lot of things regarding altruism and human nature. Thank you.

by Kevin S


Simulataneously impractical learning yet the most practical and important topics you'll consider all your life.

by Rabbia T T A


All lectures of MR peter are understandable and informative. i learned from it alot. Thank you for heling us.

by Vasco A G


Quite comprehensive course, an excellent introduction to Effective Altruism and its pioneers and ethics!

by Ritwik C


A great course on ethics taught by professor Singer who is one of the leading names in the field.

by Ricardo B D V


A very interesting course to understand the relationship between ethics and the current problems.

by Dominika


Thank you for this inspiring course that gives a great introduction into ethics and altruism !!!

by Balbina H


exelente curso, muy completo, Peter Singer explica muy bien, los temas interesantísimos

by Rafał G


Amazing course. I wish there were more lectures by Professor Singer available online.