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This course will give you a glimpse into six different areas of American law: Tort Law, Contract Law, Property, Constitutional Law, Criminal Law, and Civil Procedure. You will gain insight into the complexities and dilemmas that arise from the application of law in different settings, and what is distinctive about American approaches....



Sep 17, 2018

I enjoyed this course and it helped me to understand the basic parts of American Law. My only suggestion is to provide even more cases as examples to demonstrate the doctrines and statutes. Thank you.


Apr 10, 2020

A great first step on understanding the basic principles of American Law, providing an insight into impact on the systems we encounter on a daily basis and how these systems have developed over time.


An Introduction to American Law: 451 - 475 / 597 レビュー

by Iván J

Jan 12, 2016

Nice and concise.

by Evelyn M F

Apr 16, 2020

Excellent course

by John C

Nov 01, 2019

Very informative

by Marcio E

Jun 22, 2016

Excelente curso;

by Sakethram

Aug 13, 2019

Awesome course!

by Steven D

Apr 18, 2017

awesome course.

by Veronika P

Dec 20, 2016

Thanks so much.

by Margaret

Jan 09, 2020

Great content!

by Chenai M

Nov 04, 2018

Great classes!

by Kevin L

May 23, 2020

Amazing class

by Alexandra P

May 01, 2020

Great course!

by Cristina T

Oct 17, 2019

great course!

by Shawn W M

Aug 20, 2017

Great course!

by Daniel R H R

Jun 03, 2018

Very useful!

by Erich W W O

Jul 07, 2017

awesome MOOC

by Rostin R

Nov 28, 2016

Great Course

by Tomas P

Jan 28, 2020

Very clear.

by Sadikshya

Jun 24, 2019

nice course

by Alexandra F

Jun 11, 2018


by Rahul U

Apr 11, 2018

Very useful

by Victor D F S

Aug 07, 2017

Really good

by 刘万吉

Apr 22, 2017

good course

by Bhavya B

Mar 24, 2016

Amazing one

by Ravi A V

Nov 06, 2015

It's great!

by Kevin T

Mar 10, 2020

Thanh you!