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The first course of the specialization ANALYZING COMPLEXITY will teach you what unifying patterns lie at the core of all complex problems. It advances your knowledge of your own field by teaching you to look at it in new ways. ANALYZING COMPLEXITY is constructed in the following way: Week I. "What is Complexity?" - What is at the core of all complex problems Week II. "Complex Physical Systems" - What complex problems all have in common in the inanimate world Week III. "Complex Adaptive Systems" - What complex problems all have in common in nature Week IV. "Complex Cultural Systems" - What complex problems all have in common in human society Week V. "Complexity, Fragility, and Breakdown" - Why complex problems arise Week VI. "Complexity in the Anthropocene" - What complex problems face us today...




This is a fascinating topic. I've been looking for something to provide a solid base for knowledge and this appears to be it. It gives me a different perspective about life and life challenges.



Me gusto el curso. Una visión muy interesante acerca de porque aumenta la complejidad del ambiente que nos rodea aunque ello contradiga el segundo principio de la termodinámica.


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by Shyaam S R S



by Pilla S



by Ritesh A



by FJ K


The scope of the course is wonderful: big history tracking lines of development of life on Earth and the evolution of the Anthropocene. How do we analyse the big questions for today?

Not related to this and the other courses in the Specialization, the waiting for someone to grade your final assignment is very long. I've seen people waiting for more than a year. I've rated more than twenty final assignments for each course, and even that doesn't seem to be enough. This is why I won't rate the course with five stars.

Only do this course if you're not in a hurry to get your certification.

by Matthew H


I haven't done many courses on Coursera but this is one of my favourite ones so far. :-) I've always valued the concept of history and how it helps us to make more informed decisions for the future. The term 'Big History' and its content is new to me but it was a great introduction. The videos and extra resources (readings, videos, audios) add a lot of extra value to the course. Thank you for putting this together. Looking forward to the next three courses in the specialisation.

by Hamid A


Beautiful review of big history,

Beauitful compact introduction to aspects of complexity in variety of desciplines,

Genreous resources...

A good entry way to world of Complexity.


The title might better to be 'aspects of complexity' rather than 'analysing...'

The peer review could be more organised - still an example of self organisation!

and, maybe part of other parts, but, good to cover how our view would/should be different from yesterdays.

All good, Thanks

by Bernard D V


A fascinating course about complexity. The transdicisplinary approach is amazing. However, I don't really see the business impact of this course. I agree that it is important to be able to understand what is going on around us but it is too much according to me, I think that too many subject are being analysed through the lenses of complexity.

by Bjorn D


Super interesting! Well spoken video's, good pace, plenty of information in the course, and plenty of links to material on complexity by other institutes such as SFI and Stockholm Resilience Centre.

by Bhuwanesh M


Course is well structured very useful and relavent considering present scenario of world and education level & standard

by Saar H


Very insightful. The structure is well design and convay its unique approach to the subject.

by Bhavesh L


Excellent content.

by Niko S


The module was very broad, and at times made me frustrated as I was expecting more concrete learning. However, I was able broaden my views and thinking regarding complexity and was inspired to learn more. The major negative feedback concerns for the numerous missing or not working links, which hindered the learning process.

by Ige F O


It could be made simpler

by Steven G


I​ signed up thinking that it was about complexity science and systems thinking. Feels more like high school science lectures bunched up together.

by Yuqin L


sorry, fell asleep 2 minutes into the second video, I'm sure they are great lectures but the lack of passion and reading from a script makes it really hard to focus.

by Daniel H


No longer participating. As far as I got, it was a real let down as far as solving complex problems.

by Mohamed A


There is no need for peers evaluation, it just makes things too complicated and inaccurate