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This is the fifth course in the Google Data Analytics Certificate. These courses will equip you with the skills needed to apply to introductory-level data analyst jobs. In this course, you’ll explore the “analyze” phase of the data analysis process. You’ll take what you’ve learned to this point and apply it to your analysis to make sense of the data you’ve collected. You’ll learn how to organize and format your data using spreadsheets and SQL to help you look at and think about your data in different ways. You’ll also find out how to perform complex calculations on your data to complete business objectives. You’ll learn how to use formulas, functions, and SQL queries as you conduct your analysis. Current Google data analysts will continue to instruct and provide you with hands-on ways to accomplish common data analyst tasks with the best tools and resources. Learners who complete this certificate program will be equipped to apply for introductory-level jobs as data analysts. No previous experience is necessary. By the end of this course, you will: - Learn how to organize data for analysis. - Discover the processes for formatting and adjusting data. - Gain an understanding of how to aggregate data in spreadsheets and by using SQL. - Use formulas and functions in spreadsheets for data calculations. - Learn how to complete calculations using SQL queries....




An excellent course for learning analysis techniques using Spreadsheets and SQL. Recommended for all engineering and data science students as well as for those managing businesses and human resource.



subquery examples were unnecessarily complex. ultimate course design and deliverables were up to the mark no doubt. more detail and easy to understand technical examples would be much appreciated.


Analyze Data to Answer Questions: 226 - 250 / 986 レビュー



I benefited a lot, thanks to my teacher, I advise everyone to take this course, it will open new horizons for you.

by Yash R


I really love the way they teach , just following the videos and reading material is enough to clear the concepts.

by Prafulla K B


Of course the functions and formulas used in microsoft Excel were simple and same with the case with SQL as well.

by Nefi M


Very well explanation of used of syntax for spreadsheets and SQL, feel more confident and I will keep practicing.

by Nadeesha N


Was very useful, in terms of practical insights for analysis, good reference data sources and practice material.

by Muhammad S B H S


Really helpful course on learning SQL. Quite challenging as a beginner but its rewarding once you understand it

by Ravi


I​t was very interesting and informative but few topics can be made a bit more brief. For proper understanding.

by Aiz


More advanced stuff to learn with SQL and Sheets, very interesting to learn quite excited for the next course.

by John F


Always wondered what folks meant when they said pivot table. Now I know! And, I know how to make and use one!

by Dominic I


I love the hands-on exercises in this course. I enjoyed the instructor's easy and amiable teaching approach.

by Tarik B


F​antastic course, especially the SQL part. Rich links in readings to explore deeper the concepts presented.

by Jason P


This was a very in depth and useful course that has prepared me to further my data exploration and analysis.

by Dharmil S


Awesome Course. Gives hands on practice for SQL especially for beginners .Instructor's explanation is lucid.

by César D G F


buen curso, solo que deberían de trabajar un poco más con MySQL WorkBench u otras herramientas más comunes.

by Marwan K


T​hank you Ayanna

t​hank you Google to help me

t​hank you Coursera to help m too

t​hank you to all instructors

by Joshua M


Overall, very happy with Google's Data Science Certification Courses! Learned new skills in SQL and Excel!

by Jeremy C


T​his is one of the best courses in Google's data analytics program. Recommended if you need a refresher.

by Lord B


It is a very wonderful feeling to know that I can analyze data to answer questions, it is so cool to know.

by Bob C


Great course, learned a lot of new information. Need additional practice on the SQL side writing queries.

by victoria O


It was so educatiing. Complex topics were simplified and the illustrations made me grasp concepts easily.

by Anthony J M


The course was great but i felt like the instructor was screaming sometimes jaja but good content overall



The course is very wonderful, the amount of information I gained, and the instructor is very wonderful .

by Mei C


It will be much better if there are more hands-on exercises for each topic for both Spreadsheet and SQL!

by Quy N


Resources are great, this course is super helpful especially for those who want to learn Big Query SQL

by Matthew B


The labs were much more informative and good practice in this course compared to the previous courses.