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This 4 week MOOC builds upon the core Android app components and concurrency frameworks covered in Course 2 by focusing on started and bound services, local inter-process communication (IPC), and content providers. Case study apps will be examined from multiple perspectives to learn how to program these app components using Android's material design paradigm. Students will work incrementally on a hands-on project involving a material design-based RSS reader app. Each week you will add additional capabilities to the project, based on material covered in the lecture videos. You'll spend roughly 4 hours per week watching video lectures, taking quizzes, and programming assignments with Java and Android....




This course was really good for me. I was able to learn the basic theory and working of how services and content providers work in Android. This course helped me alot.



I found this course very good. The professor is quite Good and Speed was also good not so fast and not so slow. Quite Balanced.


Android App Components - Services, Local IPC, and Content Providers: 1 - 25 / 73 レビュー

by Sam H


There is no evaluation in this class. I prefer classes with programming assignments that are machine unit tested on the server. It's possible to just take a quiz twice, and get 100% without knowing anything.

by Соломонов М А


The course doesn't contain any useful information. Course also is obsolete. This is not a course about development for android. This course consist from some theory about android global.

by Abdullah M A


Not interactive and more academic.

Not for beginners.

by Akshat M


It required a very high motivation to keep going. The course is really bring and if you are a beginner, you will soon get lost. This course can potentially destroy all your excitement of developing apps with the monotonous voice of the instructor and the overwhelming codes involved with no clue on what is going on. The instructor keeps on explaining expecting everyone to understand but it becomes too complex. I won't recommend it.

by Jade F


The content of the course is highly relevant, but the assignment/quiz structure may not work well for all learners. Like the previous course in the specialization, lecture videos and screenshares from Doug Schmidt's college courses, optional assignments, and simple quizzes make up the course.

Your initiative to apply what is being taught is what makes the course worthwhile, and if you were to breeze through without doing the optional assignments, you may come away without absorbing much of what's being taught here.

On the other hand, if you take the initiative to apply these concepts to projects on your own, you'll be rewarded by the focused explanations in the videos and what you're asked to do in the programming assignments which are specifically engineered to make you use what's taught.

It's a great course, but requires motivation on your part!

by Bahana M H


This course was awesome , it has heped me a lot to know more about android development and has boosted my interest in in App development.It has met my expectations

by abhishek p


No sense of student readability . Really coarse and rugged course.

by Ahmed I


Very boring

by Matt W


I love the detail on each of the components and the real world examples, just like the MOOC before this one. These are the kind of lectures and examples you can come back to time and time again. The material is tough, so you likely won't understand it fully your first time through the MOOC, but you'll get to know it better over time as you consult it while you make your own stuff.

by Jaime F O C


This was a really good course, you'll learn, by example, theory and practice, why, how and when to use these Android App Components. Reading the entire code of each assignment is recommended, otherwise you may not fully understand why your code works, also, you may learn additional things by doing it.

by Gabriel P d C


This course does not focus on practice and coding, being an introductory course. However, there are several optional tasks that dwell deeper into coding which is good if you have extra time to spend here. Overall the course is good for beginners and can be a refresh for experienced programmers.

by Athira S


It was a really helpful course and gives detailed and in depth explanation about how services, communication and content providers work in android internally. The course also gives an understanding to implement what is taught practically with simple programming examples.

by Francisco H


Another course with great content in the respective specialization.

Local IPC got my head spinning for a while, but that's good because the harder the material you study and learn, the better you get at it.

by Harold M


Very Android Architecture focused and very Design-Pattern oriented. This is a valuable course on Android because it goes deep into the details of the Full-Stack of Android Services. Highly Recommended!

by Aadithyavarma


This course was really good for me. I was able to learn the basic theory and working of how services and content providers work in Android. This course helped me alot.

by Nildeep J


I found this course very good. The professor is quite Good and Speed was also good not so fast and not so slow. Quite Balanced.

by Michael


Assignments were pretty cool. Topics are covered thoroughly and provided links to relevant material and excellent examples.

by adefunke A


I was able to understand more about content providers but I'd have loved if there were enforced practical assignments.

by Gaetano D


This Course is So Great and I want to thank Prof. Schmidt 'cause every explanation is clear!

by Joseph S


Nice and Clear Course. really Recomended for someone who first touch android development,

by Maria d l A T T


Excelente , Espero puedan evaluarme mi primer mes con la actividad de la calculadora :c

by Hadi F


You should have background in programming.

Overall the course content is very good.

by Ayush


Very good course , easy to learn , very good tutor, carefully prepared content

by Md A H


Its very helpful to me know how to improve myself. New things learning. Thanks

by Amit M


it is very helpful to make me understand the major android components