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香港科技大学(The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology) による Front-End JavaScript Frameworks: Angular の受講者のレビューおよびフィードバック



This course concentrates mainly on Javascript based front-end frameworks, and in particular the Angular framework (Currently Ver. 6.x). This course will use Typescript for developing Angular application. Typescript features will be introduced in the context of Angular as part of the exercises. You will also get an introduction to the use of Angular Material and Angular Flex-Layout for responsive UI design. You will be introduced to various aspects of Angular including components, directives and services. You will learn about data binding, Angular router and its use for developing single-page applications. You will also learn about designing both template-driven forms and reactive forms. A quick introduction to Observables, reactive programming and RxJS in the context of Angular is included. You will then learn about Angular support for client-server communication through the HTTP client and the use of REST API on the server side. A quick tour through Angular animation support and Angular testing rounds off the course. You must have either completed the previous course in the specialization on Bootstrap 4, or have a working knowledge of front end web-UI frameworks to be able to navigate this course. Also a good working knowledge of JavaScript, especially ES 5 is strongly recommended. At the end of this course you will: - Be familiar with client-side Javascript frameworks and the Angular framework - Be able to implement single page applications in Angular - Be able to use various Angular features including directives, components and services - Be able to implement a functional front-end web application using Angular - Be able to use Angular Material and Angular Flex-Layout for designing responsive Angular applications - Be able to use Observables and RxJS in the context of Angular applications...




Overall it is a great course.It would be appreciated if the mistakes in the instructions are rectified and the syntax which are outdated are updated in instructions which are provided with the course.



The instructor was knowledgeable, patiently explained all aspects of the lectures and assignments, and provided useful exercises to acquire the skills of Angular framework. I even liked the dad jokes!


Front-End JavaScript Frameworks: Angular: 26 - 50 / 625 レビュー

by Kyle M


Pros: The course is structured appropriately so that it is neither hand-holding or leaving anyone with any intermediate coding knowledge behind from one step to the next. The course is do-able with the latest versions of technologies referenced.

Cons: You should be already proficient with understanding technology documentation as the versions and methods used in this course are very outdated and never updated. The discussion boards are full of questions never answered by the instructor. Grading the work is useless as most submissions are plagiarized or incomplete. Honors was impossible. Only plagiarized/empty submissions and the same people I failed for cheating failed me back.

by Abhinav P


The worst course ever. Would have given a 0 star if that was possible.

The instructor just goes on explaining the theory independent of the practical part. By the time one reaches the exercise, half of the theory is forgotten. Improvement is strongly recommended.

by Jose L V


Too much time wasted looking at other people's assignments.

Forums are just full of people asking for their assignments to be reviewed.

REAL questions that get asked in the forums are ignored, so moving forward is challenging.

by Kapish


The lectures are too long and some concepts are so complicated to understand. The content was not as relevant.



Lost interest because of the way of teaching.

Very slow classess..felt drowsy while watching the videos.

by Sakina S


Even after completion of this course I am not able to work with complex angular applications.

by Aastha j


i follow all the instructions still i cannot get what you get in browser

by Mansi R


It must be a bit more detailed!!



Very excellent and complete course on Angular. I learned a lot and I done a deep practice experience on Web App Development with angular cli. In this course we built a Single Page Application WebApp Angular that communicates with a Rest Json Back-end Server. I learned the architecture of the Angular Applications that is organized in a set of several Components and Service, and use of a Routing Angular for efficient communications beetween Components. I learned how to develop components and services, in the template and component part (typescript/javascript) and reactive programming: how to implement a Reactive Form and Reactive Validation. I learned how to implement the communication with the backend server with the HttpClient Module for the CRUD operations GET, PUT, POST, DELETE with the use of the Observables Pattern. I learned the unit testing with Jasmine and Karma , and end to end tests with Protractor. Finally, the build and deploy of an Angular application with WebPack

by Vikram R


The course is very neatly organized and the exercises make it very easy for anyone to grasp the concepts. An assignment in each module is a very good idea to reinforce the basic concept.

There are optional honors items including a project but I think it should be made mandatory. Although the final assignment completion gives a feeling of having built an application, a different problem statement with a set of evaluation criteria would make this a near perfect course and boost the confidence of the learner.

In all I think this is a wonderful course (I rate it the max). Although I am an experienced professional with industry experience in Angular JS, this was good learning for me. The professor is simply amazing in his style of delivering the lecture (he does not assume any expertise level on the part of the learner). This course has given me the confidence to go out and work on a real world problem in Angular 4.

by Rodrigo F V


The only against is that don't use all HTML5 aspects, and responsive unit.

In another hand, this course is one of the easiest to learn Angular, and have a lot of concepts and technics that's normally hard to understand, beeing very enjoyable to learn, missing only the file system technics and e-mail support.

The instructor have a very nice description for teaching and he's not a blind men who loves Angular, he have the courage to say the agains, becuase he know the issues, he not only alert, but also try to work around it and teach it how.

by Neil A


As an already experienced software developer (on other languages), I felt this course moved at a decent pace and covered a reasonable number of language and framework features. Without prior JavaScript / TypeScript or Angular experience, the assignments made me work for it.

I took no notice of product versioning, loading the latest versions at all times. From this I only had one small issue - easily overcome by a little research.

Certainly can't complain about anything here for the fees charged.

by Sam S


Highly recommended. Great teaching style, very effective and organized syllabus, cutting edge content. Really appreciate all the extra effort from Professor Muppala and his staff to keep this course abreast with technology changes while solving for the students (insulating them from) ahead of time all the issues cutting-edge technologies present. Very useful and powerful course with a lot of relevant learning. Class projects are designed with extreme care and a good dose of creativity.

by José R V J


The structure of the course is really good. It starts with a basic approach to understand some core features of angular, and gradually the instructor changes the implementation to explain some more complex concepts. The instructor also introduces some concepts of software design that are very important to know if you look for more advanced knowledge, he gives you some resources to start investigating in the right moment. Very thoughtful and well prepared course. Amazing work.



Awesome Course. The teaching is awesome and the practical approach that is considered for this course is really very helpful. The course perfectly teaches you how to create Angular application in structural and organized way. It is a basic course some concepts are touched on a basic level and to learn them in deep additional resources are also provided. Assignments are very helpful to revise what you learn in the whole week

by Alok K


Instructor have covered each and every topic of angular which are required to develop an web application through exercises. And assignments were of great help to understand the concepts and implementing them by my own thinking made me to think like an developer. Once or twice I had doubts and posted them on discussion forum and my doubts were cleared by mentors in very short time.

by Jorge A G C


Muy contento con la posibilidad de aprender con este curso. Impartido por un excelente profesor, con unos métodos muy buenos de enseñanza. Agradecido con Coursera por esta oportunidad y espero colaborar de alguna manera en el futuro cercano con esta excelente plataforma ya sea como traductor o mentor de este curso. Gracias por la oportunidad y felicidades por el buen trabajo.



The course was organized fantastically with the instructor giving theoretical introduction before delving into code. The topics covered were very comprehensive and explained properly but I feel that a bit more practice assignments would have been great and the course should have been spread over more modules as the topics were very wide-ranging and needed more practice.



The instructor is best teacher I have ever seen. Because of my experience on the school life I was really hating on web coding but these lessons helped me to like it again. It's might be not in Angular's latest version but latest version will be out of date one day too the point here is understanding the main structure clearly, after that you can handle new versions.

by Milind G


Thank you very much to Prof. Jogesh M for making such a wonderful course on Angular. I gained a lot of conceptual clarity by completing this course. Profesor has taught all the concepts with sufficient explanation, enough to explore other additional information around it on our own. If you are planning to learn Angular, this course is highly recommended.

by Lorraine F


The course is well-paced and challenging. The instructor is a delight to listen to, he has a wry set of humor. This is the first on-line instructor that I actually looked forward to sitting down after an 8 hour day of work to listen to. I highly recommend the course. I am looking forward to the next course in the specialization with this lecturer.

by Lawrence O


This course is very informative. Course content is well laid-out. The Instructor, Jogesh K. Muppal (Associate Professor) is simply awesome; highly knowledgeable. His presentation of the teaching materials is clear and concise.

Overall, I enjoyed the course. I will definitely recommend it to anyone interesting in learning cutting-edge web development.

by deepak p


It's really a valuable course for beginners who want to learn Angular from the basics. I love the way tutors teach; very simple but impressive. All assignments were beneficial, which boosted learning more and completing the task. Thanks to Jogesh K. Muppala sir & The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology for such a valuable course.

by Carlo M


I really got an understanding of Angular and I really loved the way Mupalla (the lecturer) was doing the videos. I my case I needed information about Angular to rewrite an App, written with an old framework. After the tutorial it was immediately possible to go on rewriting the code with Angular. I absolutely recommend this course!

by Lee H


This is a fantastic course and covers a LOT of ground with Angular. To do the course justice you need to spend quite a bit of time on it, so a commitment is required to get through it all. I fine the lecturer very thorough and knowledgeable and he does a great job of explaining every step along the way. Highly recommended.