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Anti-Racism I is an introduction to the topic of race and racism in the United States. The primary audience for this course is anyone who is interested in learning about race/racism in the US who has never taken a course in critical race or ethnic studies or affiliated fields (indeed, who may not know what the fields of critical race studies or ethnic studies are), who has never read a book about race/racism, or attended any race equity or diversity trainings on the topic of race/racism. In this course you will learn how to: - Use and comprehend contemporary intersectional terminology through a provided glossary - Critically discuss “whiteness” - Recognize the concept of White privilege that all White people have whether they want that privilege or not and to differentiate between White supremacy as a systemic concept vs. White supremacists (who are professional racists like the KKK). - Distinguish between being not racist and being anti-racist - Define systemic and institutional racism - Accept the unequal history of race and racism in the United States that has created racial hierarchies that has disenfranchised Black Americans - Share with others the true foundations of United States’s histories beginning with the acknowledgement of settler colonialism and the rewards that White people have received due to White supremacy and Black oppression. - Talk about race and racism - Explain why phrases like “All Lives Matter” and “Blue Lives Matter” are racist - Recognize that anyone can be anti-racist--it only takes the dedication and decision to be anti-racist, to educate yourself about the history of racism in the US and then to talk in an anti-racist way and to act as an anti-racist Course logo image credit: Liam Edwards, 06/04/2021. Available on Unsplash at




I have been struggling with how to talk about rascism, and did not realise how much I play a role in it. This course has helped me with the tools I needed and I am taking the next class to learn more.



This course has been an excellent start to my education around what it means to be anti-racist. My education has just begun and I look forward to Anti-Racism II. Thank you for this opportunity!


Anti-Racism I: 51 - 60 / 60 レビュー

by Michael C


A​wesome class

by Kamala D


Nice course

by Lisa D M


Thank you.

by andrea a


muy buen0o

by john s j



by Jimmy V



by Kawinnada N



by Ali T


This course was great. I learned a lot from the content and enjoyed there was a nice mix of reading material, videos, and podcasts throughout the course. I'm Canadian and this is quite heavily focused on American history and terminology but it's still very applicable here in Canada and informative.

My one dislike is that the final course assignment/evalution is peer marked so you can't complete the course until someone marks your material. Because this course is now a few years old I'm concerned that it will take awhile before someone sees my final assignment and marks it so that I can receive the course certificate of completion. I would have loved to add the certificate of completion to my LinkedIn and be reimbursed at work but I can't do either until I've completed the course. I really wish that this was an auto-marked assignment like the glossary terms at the beginning of the course as I can see this being a problematic feature.



unable to figure out how to submit the final assignment to receive credit for taking the course. maybe should have been a "next tab?" NOT user friendly if you over 25

by Natalia G


How to I quit it? I am utterly disappointed from the very beginning in the format in the content and all ideas