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This course, API Development on Google Cloud's Apigee API Platform, is the third in a series of three courses in the Developing APIs for Google Cloud's Apigee API Platform specialization. The first course introduces you to API design and the fundamentals of the Apigee platform. The second course focuses on API security. This course focuses on additional API development topics. In this course, you learn how to create APIs that utilize multiple services, how to create a REST API for SOAP services, and how you can use custom code on Apigee. You will also learn about fault handling, and how to share logic between proxies. You learn about traffic management and caching. You also create a developer portal, and publish your API to the portal. You learn about logging and analytics, as well as CI/CD and the different deployment models supported by Apigee. This course utilizes hands-on labs that model an API development process that can be used for real-world projects on Google Cloud's Apigee API platform....



Oct 13, 2019

This is the most powerful course so far. Makes you a basic developer by the end of this course if you go through each line carefully and give it a little more practice and understanding.


Jun 28, 2019

It gives you the basics knowledge and hands on, it explains the realm of possibilities. At the end you have the basic building blocks to start build what ever you need.


API Development on Google Cloud's Apigee API Platform: 126 - 150 / 161 レビュー

by Justino M O J

Mar 18, 2020

Treinamento em Português seria um diferencial

by Andre C

Apr 10, 2018

Some issues in information for build the labs

by Rafael D S

Apr 06, 2020

Some labs need to be updated!

by Ignacio G A

Apr 17, 2019

Last modules are a bit buggy

by Matheas T

Aug 22, 2020

I love this course !!

by Manoj K

Oct 29, 2019

Good hands on labs

by youkim

Dec 04, 2019

très intéressant

by José A F R

Apr 11, 2019

Good course

by Eric K N

Mar 31, 2019

Good stuff

by narsimulu b

Feb 18, 2019


by Garla L K

Mar 12, 2018

Nice one

by Rajapushpam S

Jan 18, 2020


by GP M

Dec 06, 2019


by P H

Oct 09, 2019


by Ronaldo T d S M

Jan 25, 2020

The course needs some upgrades specially on Nodejs module since the cloud version uses hosted target as hello world project instead of the deprecated Nodejs resource. However in on premise environment hosted target does not have support yet. I think it would be nice to update the course considering the updates on cloud product.

by Daniel B

Jan 31, 2019

It is a great course however as someone who is new to the platform there are steps missing as you assume people know already. Also the screenshots need updating as they don't looks like my EDGE UI and this made some of the LABS fail as it was difficult to find out what was been asked for.

by Rebecca H

Jun 25, 2020

Good course that covered a lot of essentials. The first part of the course was strong, however the second part was full of errors and deprecated features. As others have mentioned the node.js module didn't work as specified.

by Andrew M

Apr 09, 2020

UI is a little out of date - maven pom.xml for the last exercise needed fixing (https rather than http on maven repository). Other minor issues. Otherwise very useful.

by Wai L

Aug 31, 2019

Areas of improvements: some course work are outdated and all can be completed by copy pasting without thinking.

by Adam B

Jan 06, 2020

Course is good content, but outdated lab instructions in course 1 prevented completion of labs in course 2.

by Sachin D

Aug 08, 2020

the structure of the course was great, however the contents needs to be updated to the latest version.

by Moonwon L

Sep 29, 2019

expected environment where I can practice real command rather than showing documentation with steps

by Dushyant S R

Feb 09, 2020

Some of the labs do not sync well wiith latest options on tools , fond mismatches

by Brett B

Jun 25, 2020

Numerous instructions were out of date compared with current product behavior.

by Thiago d S V B

Feb 06, 2020

Os exercícios estão defasados, principalmente relacionados ao Node.