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This class will teach you the fundamentals of augmented reality (AR), and how to build an AR experience using ARCore. Through the four week course, you'll learn: - How to identify different types of AR experiences - Tools and platforms used in the AR landscape - What makes AR feel "real" - Popular use cases for AR - How to create an AR use flow - How AR experiences work - Tools like Google Poly and Unity to build AR experiences - Next steps to start building an AR experience using ARCore and other tools This course will break down complex AR concepts to make them easy to understand, while also sharing expert tips and knowledge from Daydream's ARCore team. The course is great for beginners who are just getting started with AR or ARCore....



May 06, 2020

It is a very good course for understanding the basics and fundamentals of AR and ARCore. It gives the learner a good knowledge about all Hardware and software, related to AR and its development.


May 26, 2020

As a newcomer, this course is nice as it tries to cover all the basic information, history, and the working of AR. Google has certainly done a good amount of content coverage in this course.


Introduction to Augmented Reality and ARCore: 101 - 125 / 619 レビュー

by Kaushik B

Apr 13, 2020

It gave me an indepth knowledge of how AR works with digital and real world objects and the experience !

by Michelle O

Dec 15, 2019

Excellent course. It gives a great overview of what Augment Reality is, and a push to continue learning.

by Yegneshwaran.H

Jul 12, 2019

It was great to learn about these stuff, it was easy to understand because of the way it was presented.

by Navneet P

Jun 10, 2020

great course ,teaching method is great and also short animation used are very useful for understanding

by Monica G

Jan 21, 2020

Fun, easy, informative and gives you the essentials to be able to comprehend and discuss AR topics.

by Divyanshu D

Jun 16, 2019

Awesome explanation, Now I know many things about ARCore and now I can start my ARCore development.

by Zabar A

May 14, 2020

Presentation of concepts concise and variety of hosts makes for an interesting learning experience

by Chandan G B

Apr 20, 2020

I really enjoyed the sessions and I learnt about AR like

How to build AR apps

Limitations of AR,etc.

by Перепелица Е Н

Jun 30, 2018

i liked it,the indie girl had bad accent hard to understand what she is saying with out subtitles

by Maulik V

Jul 09, 2018

The short bite-sized videos to explain concepts are really good. Clear and simple explanation

by Anish A

Apr 18, 2020

best learning and lot to gain knowledge . best experience in this holiday and a lot to gain

by Rahul T

Jul 25, 2019

I think it checked all the basics required to understand ARCore in general at a high level.

by Phillip M

Aug 21, 2018

Very helpful, loads of resources and definitions and a great intro into augmented reality.

by Santhosh

Apr 28, 2020

Thank you, Google for making this and helping people like me to get into the world of AR.

by Shushruth S

May 02, 2020

This course was really interesting and I learned soo many things about ARcore. Thank You

by Asulabh P

Oct 12, 2019

I had no idea about AR before, but now I know the necessary information about AR and VR.

by Utsav V C

Sep 10, 2019

Wonderful course, enjoyed a lot while learning. Want to enrol for more of these courses.

by Tin W W S

Aug 03, 2018

A little too high level, but great for beginners who didn't know anything about ARcore.

by Matas A

May 13, 2020

Useful course for beginners to understand fundamentals of Augmented Reality and ARCore

by Prashant J

Oct 12, 2018

very simple to understand and knowledgeable course. Thanks Google and Coursera teams.

by Cesar A V T

Oct 04, 2018

Great course, it gave me a very interesting overview and knowledge about AR and ARCore

by Alvaro G

Apr 22, 2020

A good start begins with a good foundation. Here are the bases to move forward safely

by Maruf

Apr 21, 2020

Got to know so many basic things and shortcomings of the Augmented Reality Technology


Jan 01, 2020

very good introductory course but with lot of repeated content throughout the modules