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What is philosophy? How does it differ from science, religion, and other modes of human discourse? This course traces the origins of philosophy in the Western tradition in the thinkers of Ancient Greece. We begin with the Presocratic natural philosophers who were active in Ionia in the 6th century BCE and are also credited with being the first scientists. Thales, Anaximander, and Anaximines made bold proposals about the ultimate constituents of reality, while Heraclitus insisted that there is an underlying order to the changing world. Parmenides of Elea formulated a powerful objection to all these proposals, while later Greek theorists (such as Anaxagoras and the atomist Democritus) attempted to answer that objection. In fifth-century Athens, Socrates insisted on the importance of the fundamental ethical question—“How shall I live?”—and his pupil, Plato, and Plato’s pupil, Aristotle, developed elaborate philosophical systems to explain the nature of reality, knowledge, and human happiness. After the death of Aristotle, in the Hellenistic period, Epicureans and Stoics developed and transformed that earlier tradition. We will study the major doctrines of all these thinkers. Part I will cover Plato and his predecessors. Part II will cover Aristotle and his successors....



This is an excellent course. The lecturer presents the material very clearly, carefully bringing out what is at stake in the views and arguments of the Greek thinkers and schools she considers.


Excellent course, Pr. Sauvé-Meyer keeps the material very engaging, and makes it very clear and easily accessible. Knowing how difficult the original texts are sometimes, this is very valuable.


Ancient Philosophy: Aristotle and His Successors: 51 - 75 / 167 レビュー

by Inga B H


Loved every minute of it! A big thank you to professor Susan Sauve Meyer - it was beautiful experience, I wish the course would be intimately wider.

by Mandy S


This is a great course because the great instructor shares her knowledge about Aristotle and his successors in a comprehensible and exciting manner.

by Chris P


i learned from this lecture that aristotle is true genius and I sincerely give admiration to the lecturer thanks for the work you have done

by Matthew A


I honestly looked forward to this class at the end of each work day. Modest course work and excellent lectures and discussion exercises.



A great survey of Aristotle and his successors. I´m very glad to have finished this course, taught by a great professor and writer.

by Vangel V


Excellent overview of Aristotle, the Epicureans, and Stoics. The ideas were clearly expressed in a way that makes learning easier.

by Deleted A


This was an enjoyable course. The professor through her explanations made what could be difficult concepts understandable and fun.

by Cees O


Excellent course that gives a good introduction into Aristotles thinking. Very well taught by the instructor, very clear!

by Francisco J J


Outstanding course for those who don't fear the important questions, such as: "What makes a good life?". Don't miss it!

by Todd B T


I really enjoyed this course, And with the other 2 courses in philosophy I've already taken I've really learned alot.

by Marco A S A A


It has helped me to understand the four causes and the difference between the Epicurian school and the stoic school.

by Jacob R


Very good basic introduction to the philosophers and their ideas. Very succinct while staying true to the content!

by Linda


The professor is very great, she stated clealy and intersting about Ancient Philosophy. I love very much. useful!

by Ying X


learned a lot about the subject under the guidance of Professor Meyer that's otherwise hard to study independently

by Camilo A G R


This course give us a particular synthetical view of ancient thought with a particular conciseness and precision.

by Хан Е И


Very well-prepared and informative course. I've really enjoyed reading and listening to the lectures. Thank you!



I think that this course is very useful. It helped me understanding several topics of ancient greek philosophy.

by Kayhan A


Wonderful course. Learnt a lot of information about Greek philosopher Aristotle and those that followed him.

by Annette V


This professor is awesome! She really knows what she's talking about and I love that she's not "glitzy."

by Barbara H


Excellent clear lectures. Professor is amiable, intellectually provocative, and has a sense of humor.

by Serena S


I loved this course, the Professor is thoughtful and insightful. It was a treat to take this course!

by Olivia R


Meyer is a great teacher and I look forward to more courses by her if she continues to release them

by Alexandre N


Excellent ! Aristote explained clearly. Stoics & Épicurians very well explained ans distinguished

by Simon M


The teacher was excellent, especially in her clear explanations of the Stoics vs the Epicureans.