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This is the second course in the Google Data Analytics Certificate. These courses will equip you with the skills needed to apply to introductory-level data analyst jobs. You’ll build on your understanding of the topics that were introduced in the first Google Data Analytics Certificate course. The material will help you learn how to ask effective questions to make data-driven decisions, while connecting with stakeholders’ needs. Current Google data analysts will continue to instruct and provide you with hands-on ways to accomplish common data analyst tasks with the best tools and resources. Learners who complete this certificate program will be equipped to apply for introductory-level jobs as data analysts. No previous experience is necessary. By the end of this course, you will: - Learn about effective questioning techniques that can help guide analysis. - Gain an understanding of data-driven decision-making and how data analysts present findings. - Explore a variety of real-world business scenarios to support an understanding of questioning and decision-making. - Discover how and why spreadsheets are an important tool for data analysts. - Examine the key ideas associated with structured thinking and how they can help analysts better understand problems and develop solutions. - Learn strategies for managing the expectations of stakeholders while establishing clear communication with a data analytics team to achieve business objectives....




The Skill of asking the right questions is usually very underrated and many people just overlook it. That's why I'm appreciative of google for teaching this core skill and making it super interesting.



i love the course as it helped me understand the importance of asking the right questions, understanding the problem and expectations of stakeholders and impotance and the right way of communicatilon.


Ask Questions to Make Data-Driven Decisions: 2001 - 2025 / 2,512 レビュー

by Massimo T


It has been a great course to follow, I have learnt a lot of things. I just found that too many example are great to explain the situation but actually they cannot give you a clear picture. I would have appreciated more exercises or quizzes instead. But course is great!

by Atoosa M


T​he presenter of the first course of this series was much more hyped and enthusiastic, unlike the presenter of this second course, she was clearly exhausted on "week 2" and she pronounced the /z/ in words with s like /s/, like: visualize, and it was quite distracting.

by Michael H


I really enjoyed the videos and presenters. I also enjoyed the tests and reading sections. I find the discussion forums somewhat beneficial in that you get to write and answer questions but I find it hard to interact with the other students and to discuss with them.

by Abdullah H


When working with Qwiklabs there were certain components where I didn't know I was going to do as I wasn't informed of it in any video prior to that assignment, and so it was as though I was being led blind when I did the necessary steps by copying it word for word.

by Wentian S


​I wished more clear explanations on primary and secondary stakeholders because they were new terms for me. And I got bored when talking a lot about communicative skills. Though I agree it was important but I just felt I spent way too much time on learning it here.

by Gebriel A


I​ loved it, but there a few things that need to be changed. some of the instructions in the lab are very difficult to understand. some of the sentences are covered/ cant see them. that makes it hard to understand the instructions. other than that it's fantastic.

by Jessica J


Sometimes it feels like I need more information or experience to really get everything I can from this course. Certain activities felt like they may have been more beneficial in a later part of the course, but I understand why they are paced this way.

by Clampi


i already have a degree in psychology so most of the technique features of the course are already familar to me. but for someone without that experiance the course should have more empathis on technical challenges, i.e how to use spreadsheets better

by Daronica J


I appreciate the oportunity that this course has given me. I will say that the material is a little dry. I understand that all people learn at different levels. So, I do understand that the speed is a little slower. Thank you for the opportunity!!

by Jason J


Very helpful in allowing you to understand the right questions to ask to get the correct data. The emphasis on fairness and being unbiased is much appreciated. This course will allow you to learn the tools needed to ask great questions.

by Heather S


The instructor was great, but again, I had trouble with the Qwiklab space. The instructions in the video don't correlate to what's happening when I follow the steps. If changes have been made to the process, please update the video.

by Ramya N


This course has made the basics very clear of how asking questions is important in the initial stage of data analysis to get the required insights. Also how effective communication is important and ways for effective communication.

by Amor V


The content seemed good to me, but very scrambled. It is not clear to me if to learn more about spreadsheets I need to review all the links that were given to us in this course, or if we will continue to see spreadsheets later.

by Inara B


A great course overall. However, would have been great to have more focus on asking effective questions, as well as the scope of work. The rest of the themes did not seem as important to data analytics and were more general.



The course material and presentation were educational and informative. For me, it highlights many aspects of my daily work activities and also helps to gain more knowledge of what the whole data analysis process entails.

by Ashley M


Learned about spreadsheets and communicating with your team. Also learned about different stakeholder teams. This course was very relevant in terms of the social skills required for the day-to-day of being a data analyst

by Evelina


I think that courses 1 and 2 could have been merged into one. On the other hand, I appreciated the real-life examples and work with real datasets. You do not really get enough of the real datasets in the first course.

by Tristan R


Honestly love that all these classes are so well prepared and informative, thank you to the Google team for passing this knowledge on to other and allowing others an opportunity at a better and brighter future job.

by Morgan S


I loved this course because you can finally get hand on training BUT in my opinion that last week (week 4) is useless or unnecessary. I learned that stuff in high school but that may have just been my high school.

by Daniel C


Reelvant content for business situattions. The lab settings are difficult since it is not clear what kind of browser settings (regular / incnito / ...) you need to have and if it is possible to do with / w.o VPN.

by Muhammad A


This course is amazing. I have saved notes of it. This is not only important for data-analytics but it also teaches you about communication and conflict management in your routine life. 5 stars - Excellent work.

by Filippo N


The course is very well structured, with great insights in it. However, the timeline can't be matched easily due to the fact that some week courses are a bit too intense than others. But still, excellent course.

by Nathania R


Although the materials of the course were great, it was a bit confusing to see things related to data visualization and sharing results and such, when we're technically still in the "Ask" phase of the project.

by Ken B


Extremely helpful, well organized and presented. I learned a lot.

My only criticism is that there was not enough Excel-specific guidance. If instructions for creating and using a Google account I would do so.

by Carlos M


I​ think it was a great way to start learning on how to tackle projects and objectives. I just found the pace to be a little bit slow at some points, I also missed some more study cases to apply myself with.