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This is the second course in the Google Data Analytics Certificate. These courses will equip you with the skills needed to apply to introductory-level data analyst jobs. You’ll build on your understanding of the topics that were introduced in the first Google Data Analytics Certificate course. The material will help you learn how to ask effective questions to make data-driven decisions, while connecting with stakeholders’ needs. Current Google data analysts will continue to instruct and provide you with hands-on ways to accomplish common data analyst tasks with the best tools and resources. Learners who complete this certificate program will be equipped to apply for introductory-level jobs as data analysts. No previous experience is necessary. By the end of this course, you will: - Learn about effective questioning techniques that can help guide analysis. - Gain an understanding of data-driven decision-making and how data analysts present findings. - Explore a variety of real-world business scenarios to support an understanding of questioning and decision-making. - Discover how and why spreadsheets are an important tool for data analysts. - Examine the key ideas associated with structured thinking and how they can help analysts better understand problems and develop solutions. - Learn strategies for managing the expectations of stakeholders while establishing clear communication with a data analytics team to achieve business objectives....




I just finished the 2nd Course in the Google Data Analyst course - even though I have experience in the field, this course reminded of areas that I should focus on and work to strengthen my skills in.



i love the course as it helped me understand the importance of asking the right questions, understanding the problem and expectations of stakeholders and impotance and the right way of communicatilon.


Ask Questions to Make Data-Driven Decisions: 201 - 225 / 2,571 レビュー

by Obakeng D O


Excellent presentation of the course from Ximena. I would surely recommend this course to anyone!! Great work Google, even the course challenge was exciting, one had to go through materials to understand context in order to provide an answer!

by Jacquewyn C


Great course on communication and structural thinking in the context of data analysis. I feel more informed and prepare to interview on behavioral questions, and defining past experience and how to proceed toward a junior data analyst's role.

by Nguyen h d


Great course to understand the basic knowledge which a data analytics need to have. And improve the communication skill by effectively questioning. i like the reflection part, it forces me to be serious and focus on every lesson :D

Thank you

by Jason S


Good overview course on asking questions. I would like some better examples in the videos; the ones included are very superficial (e.g., use cases, examples). I understand confidentiality with companies, but some examples are pretty light.

by Jeanee' T


Loved it! loved how easy it was to understand and follow along! The information was intense however I enjoyed learning the new information and I also love how the course was designed to understand and not simply just providing information.

by Ashutosh S


Best course for someone seeking an entry door in the field of data anaytics, the course is created to give all round development that is required for being a data analytics,Thanks google and coursera for providing such learning experience.

by AbdElRahman T


Despite working as an analyst for more than a year now, this course organized my structured thinking methodology of mine and directed me to better communicate with stakeholders. So excited to dig into the next course in the specialization.

by Yupa S N A


Content of the course is well presented and easy to follow. Great course!!

However, the instruction for the Qwiklab exercise is quite unclear. It is difficult to differentiate between preparing to log into the lab and the exercise itself.

by Mimi S


This course was an engaging, thoughtful and challenging learning experience. All positive. The instructor was clear, pleasant, knowledgeable. It was easy to understand her explanations and flow of each lesson. Kudos to her and thank you!

by Matthew H


As a foundational phase in the data analysis process, this course was very helpful in developing the pathway ahead. I highly recommend this course as a way to develop better critical thinking, conflict resolution, and spreadsheet skills.

by Megan M


Easy to manage and enjoyed the videos with text underneath. As an ADHD person, managing material for classes can be difficult. The text underneath the video allows me to stay focused on the video by giving me two platforms of engagement.

by Jennifer W


A lot of good information. If you are new to thinking this way and using these tools, this course will be a big help to you and take you step by step. If you are not new to these concepts and information it gives you a great refresher.

by tosin a


A well explanatory course. I gained a lot of skills from this course and I really learnt a lot. Thanks to the instructor and thanks to Google and coursera for this great opportunity. Looking forward to completing the remaining courses.

by shahid j


Great and Excellent course. Before attending the course I know nothing about the art of asking questions. After acquiring knowledge about asking questions, I am feeling much confident than ever. Many Thanks to Google and the instructor

by Megan M


Stunning explanations and guided instruction. Lays out a solid foundation for what is to come in the rest of the certificate. Can be a refresh or can be the 1st glimpse into data work and not skip a beat for either type of experience.

by Ashley A


This course describes the asking phase of the data analytics process. The reason why I gave 5 star is that it will not only help you in your career but also you can start apply in your daily life and the way they explained is awesome.

by dax


Great course. I had trouble accessing Sheets from Google. I could find the application but I could not create a new worksheet. I followed the instructions so I am not sure the specific issue. Other than that the course was great.

by Javed A


A Great Course. Learnings: Crafting Effective Questions, Quantitative and Qualitative Data, Types of Dashboards, The most important two hands-on activities. Understanding stakeholders and Meeting Best Practices...Great Experience.

by SY


Great to learn about how to ask question to make data-driven decision, I have learned so much information big, small spot that i haven't thought but it's really really helpful. Thanks for the making this for us Google and Coursera.

by Vishal K


The Instructor is very good and knowledgable, She has a good accent so that anyone can easily understand what she is telling and the course is well designed in a step by step manner. Liked the course. Thank you google and coursera.

by DC N


Even though you already aware of how you could react at the office ettique, it reminds you how you have the professional, intelligent Analyst and representative the team member with your cooperation name. It pulls up to the brand.

by Kevin C


T​his course helped me a lot of analytical thinking, and I learned a lot of how to prepare my meetings with stakeholders, and of course to ask what is needed for a project, and to work with an agenda to reduce fault of something.

by Vashu D M


It was great. I learned a lot about how to proceed on working on a project in the begining, how o stay connected and communicate effectively with my teammates, how to communicate any problems that I am facing with my supervisor.

by Siyamthanda M


The second course was a fantastic way for a beginner such as myself to get their hands dirty. The hands on labs in this course were great, they were very informative and gave real world scenarios to further enforce the content.

by Deantosh D


It's an amazing course for those who want to enter the field of data analysis. It is also quite descriptive in a very specific way. I feel like am learning a lot and almost everything from the course. Such a great experience.