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An introduction to modern astronomy's most important questions. The four sections of the course are Planets and Life in The Universe; The Life of Stars; Galaxies and Their Environments; The History of The Universe....



Aug 01, 2017

Excellent course. Very clear lectures that cover a lot of ground in not a lot of time. Fantastic overview of most of what we know about astronomy and how we know it. Best class I've taken on Coursera.


Apr 12, 2018

The is the first time I have rated a course with 5 stars, but this one is worth it. I audited and did not take the exams, but I thoroughly enjoyed the lectures and I learned a lot.


Confronting The Big Questions: Highlights of Modern Astronomy: 51 - 75 / 102 レビュー

by Natalie

Jul 10, 2017


by nicole s

Jan 16, 2017

Great teacher! Extremely interesting lessons. The teacher was able to explain very complicated aspects in physics to non specialists audience in an intriguing manner. Thank you!

by Tarun K

Jan 14, 2016

overall lectures are good and explanatory.

by Cristina P

Jan 26, 2017

Great course! Loved Adams' enthusiasm in sharing his knowledge with the virtual audience. Comprehensive and very spot on. Congratulations.

by Jana S

Jan 16, 2017

The best course I've seen on Coursera! Wonderful lectures, amazing pictures and animations and all very engaging.

by Albert K

Mar 17, 2018

Fascinating!!! I LOVE the online simulation tools used in this class. Amazing!

by Tina A D

Jul 16, 2019

I enjoyed the course and Prof. Franks way of teaching! I learned a lot and am happy that I took it

by José M B D

Sep 10, 2019

Gracias por este gran curso. Ha sido una experiencia increíble y he aprendido mucho.

Thanks for this great course. It has been an incredible experience and I have learned a lot of things

by Stuart R

Jun 14, 2019

Exceptionally clear and concise presentations.

by Thomas D

Nov 19, 2019

Excellent overview of the highlights of modern astronomy and a good stimulus ro further study of material covered.

by Mukharbek O

Jan 10, 2016

I strongly recommend this course to all who interested in Astrophysics.

by Andrea F

Sep 24, 2019


by David D

Apr 24, 2019

Outstanding!Sso rare to find a lecturer who can deliver on the course material without having to read every line off of a prompter. Bravo for the delivery and terrific material. I don't say it was easy but the investment was worth the time.

by Nishal K

Nov 08, 2019

Excellent teacher

by Denis K

Jan 09, 2016


I tried to get knowledge about cosmology from my university but everithing was insignificant and boring. This course is more than amazing. I like it very much. Waiting for more courses ! Thanks a lot to you, professor!

by José-Luis M

Feb 27, 2016

Fantastic. I got got what I expected and then much more. It gave me lots to think about. Impressive teaching. Thank you Professor.

by Deleted A

Dec 02, 2016

Very easy to follow, and immensely interesting.

by Hozayfa A B I

Nov 08, 2019

It was more than excellent course in terms of the modules which cover all the astronomy and astrophysics and cosmology, I have learn new things and I really enjoyed.


May 25, 2016

Very nice. The professor is very nice and teaches with great experience.

by Carmelo A S

Feb 12, 2017

Great Course! Very interesting!

by Adrian I

Jan 28, 2016

twas nice

by Jana K

Mar 18, 2018

I enjoyed every single session within this course. The topics, the materials, the small tests after each topic and as well the quizzes. Professor Frank explained everything in a clear and understandable way, I did learn a lot about our universe. Of course, studying is needed for passing this course, but I am here to learn afterall and I appreciate the quizzes which made me think and thus test my knowledge

by Eshita S

Jul 09, 2018

such an amazing course by amazing professor. quiz was superb and you will be able to make use of virtual simulations. worth doing

by bernardhung

Oct 23, 2016

Prof Adam has done superbly well in engaging viewers into the subject, the structure of the course is obviously well thought out, so that viewers will be able to comprehend step by step into the deeper mystery of the modem Astronomy has to offer without going into the maths.

After the course, I have the dismay feeling that the course has ended and human being is so minute compared to the vast mega parsec of the Universe.

Bravo !!

by Petar T

Nov 09, 2016

THIS IS ONE OF THE BEST COURSES AND BEST LECTURES I'VE SEEN, AMONG A LOT THAT I WENT THROUGH! Such fantastic and humorous way to lead the audience through wonders of the universe! Looking forward to MANY MANY more courses from this lecturer on any subject really - that's how engaging this course was for me! AWESOME!