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Attract and Engage Customers with Digital Marketing is the second of seven courses in the Google Digital Marketing & E-commerce Certificate. In this course you will practice using search engine optimization (SEO), search engine marketing (SEM), and display advertising to attract and engage customers online. You will explore the stages of the marketing funnel and learn how to use digital marketing tactics to move customers through the stages. You’ll learn how to increase the quality and quantity of website traffic by understanding SEO fundamentals like keyword research, search engine algorithms, and link building. You will also learn about paid search and advertising, and explore tactics used to gain visibility and reach potential customers on search engine results pages, or SERPs. By the end of this course you’ll be able to apply digital marketing strategies, best practices, and tools to increase awareness of a business, understand customer needs, and engage people's interests with products and services. Google employees who currently work in the field will guide you, providing hands-on activities and examples that simulate common digital marketing and e-commerce tasks while showing you some of the best tools and resources used on the job. Learners who complete the seven courses in this program will be equipped to apply for entry-level jobs in digital marketing and e-commerce. No previous experience is necessary. By the end of this course, you will be able to do the following: - Identify customer personas and build your target audience - Describe the marketing funnel’s purpose and benefits - Know how to increase your conversion rate - Explain the purpose of SEO and the essential SEO terms to know - Use Google Search Console and its reports to monitor a site’s presence in Google Search results - Recognize the benefits of SEM and why to do it - Understand the fundamentals of Google Ads and targeting audiences...




Coach AK is amazing. Even though the concepts was very new to me and overwhelming, AK broke it down it chunks and explained it in simple and plain language that anyone can understand. Loved it.



This course was very well designed, the presentor was easy to understand and relatable. The assessment activities aligned to the material and the activities were easy to follow.


Attract and Engage Customers with Digital Marketing: 26 - 50 / 109 レビュー

by Shradha A


This course made me realize that learning is possible from anywhere in the world. And learning Digital Marketing By Google through Coursera is a dream come true. I feel more confident in my skills. I had so much fun in learning these strategies and tactics. I'm ready to take my business to a next level.



A brilliant course that packs in a great deal of concepts in such a simple yet powerful way. One of the most engaging online course I have attended so far. I am so excited to apply skills learned through this course in coming future. All in all, it was a great learning experience.

by Aisha D T


It's helpful to be informed of the changes that have occurred. Excellent work from the instructor. In general, the training will be quite helpful in my day-to-day work. “ Really well done; made a dull subject fascinating and was obviously very passionate about traffic management!

by Beth M


This was an excellent course that gave great background and detail on many of the strategies I have been implementing over the years, but had no cohesive foundation on how and why things are done this way. I learned a lot.

by Christophe J


Very good course. Content is a bit heavier than in the previous course but it doable with a little dedication. Very interesting too. I might come back and watch the videos for a refresh once in a while.

by Christina K


It's been great. Starting a Digital marketing agency, this has helped build on my knowledge so I can better understand SEO and ads etc.

by Jerry S


New or old to this game, t​his course is a great refresher for anyone wanting to gain knowledge for attracting and engaging customers.

by satish k t


very good and engaging lerning i love the concept that they explain the keywords like broad match, phrase match, and exact match.

by Lloyd C


Well, 5-star might seem abit extreme but this course is comprehensive at what it offers. i enjoyed it and learned a lot from it

by Shyna G


Amazing course! This course provides a thorough understanding of digital marketing and how to engage with customers.

by Muhammad A Y


Excellent Content and Course by Google I learn a lot about Digital Marketing & E-Commerce Love Coursera and Google.

by Gibbie G


The Coach was amazing and clear in his directions. I hope l can see him again down the line in the next courses.

by Rishabh R


Great to learn about digital marketing as a beginner and the profesor is excelllent at teaching the subject.

by Kaleigh O


This is a thorough course that set me up with a good basis of where to begin in digital marketing.

by Jennifer Q


It was great and very helpful in teaching what i need to know for the next steps in my career.

by Aleksei K


Really useful and entertaining, learned a lot of new information. Coach AK is the best :)

by Maria S A R


E​xcelente curso, excelente instructor y material practico y teorico. Super recomendable.

by Adorable J


Absolutely Phenomenal! This course is resourceful, isightful and impactful. Thank you.

by Ramon C


Great content, support material, and related assignments to apply what we have learned



A lot of useful, practical imformation to setup marketing campaigns and managing them



Exceptional course! Very engaging! Super informative. Never a dull moment. Loved it!

by Aasim M D


It was the best course so far. Learnt a lot especially from the practice sessions.

by Aviral J


L​oved this course 🤩. Got to learn so many new amazing things. Unbelievable!

by Beverly H


Intense. Quite a lot to learn,quite a lot taught. Excellent delivery.

by Joan V


Exceptional course. I had some previous experience but learned a lot.