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ロチェスター大学(University of Rochester) による Fundamentals of Audio and Music Engineering: Part 1 Musical Sound & Electronics の受講者のレビューおよびフィードバック



In this course students learn the basic concepts of acoustics and electronics and how they can applied to understand musical sound and make music with electronic instruments. Topics include: sound waves, musical sound, basic electronics, and applications of these basic principles in amplifiers and speaker design....




This is a very good course for anyone who wants to learn about building speakers and amplifiers. it gives a very good foundation for many thing related to amplifier and loudspeaker building



I loved this course. It tied together so many aspects of electrical engineering and physics. I love the theory and application coming together. I look forward to building the amplifier!


Fundamentals of Audio and Music Engineering: Part 1 Musical Sound & Electronics: 101 - 125 / 126 レビュー

by Lawrence F L


For someone without a couple of years of college or a technical school this could be way over your head. To much to learn in a short period of time. By eliminating all the basic engineering math tutorials and very simple circuit analysis the course would be more focused. It should be a prerequisite to have finished a pre-calculus course to allow for more in-depth presentation of the engineering material, especially the acoustics. However, it does cover a lot of the basics for understanding music engineering. I look forward to part two.

by Ewout D


The tests were not always showing the "right" answer for each question. This was very frustrating because you don't know it's not correct if you are not checking the discussion forum. Also Mark Bocko was giving the courses better then Mr Clark (personal preference maybe). He digged in deeper and made more things clear. Also his slides contained less text and more excercises.

by Diego M


Excelente curso! Aprendi demasiado, en especial sobre los amplificadores de guitarra ya que es un tema de mi interes, sin embargo, hay algunas respuestas en algunas pruebas que estan mal (segun los foros), de igual manera, me hubiera gustado que se metieran mas en los filtros ya que es un tema muy extenso y relativamente dificil. Sin embargo, recomiendo este curso

by Ernesto G M


For me, this is a very complete course, in my opinion it will be better for the students if you give to us a pdf documentation.

I have a digital notebook, so I want to follow the class with the slide in my notebook, but, in general, is a great course.

Thanks for taking your time reading this comment

Greetings from Mexico

by David D


The course was very enjoyable, nevertheless I would have expected to learn a little more about sound acoustics. The complementary exercises were helpful towards the understanding of the subjects, especially for the electronics parts.

by Jonathan C


Very informative course. I like the ocntent of it and how it progresses through it. However I think it can improve in termms of practical examples on the differences when changing values of parameters.

by Jivitesh P


this course was way more into electronics and electric guitar, rather than general audio such as cabinet design, and about transducers and more. but overall a lot to learn, very good course.

by Daniel F C


Interesante y se aprenden muchas cosas de electrónica, y da una base de acústica. Requiere eso sí, una buena base en matemáticas, y cierta destreza en cálculo. Recomiendo

by Tim V


As a non-engineer, this is a tough course but interesting nonetheless. Been an interesting journey. Nice lectures by the professors and great support was given as well.

by Ali Y


Good course for audio enthusiasts. A compilation of basic electric circuits and audio waves.

I enjoyed very much. Would be great if lecture notes were provided.


by Brad T


As a retired EE this was a fun course for me to take, but it does cover a lot of territory quickly. I really liked the more practical aspects of the course

by Felipe H


Very interested information but I thought that the focus was for other thing instead a guitar amplifier

by Albéric d L


very good course, but I would have liked to go further in the detail of electric circuit

by Anshuman S


Great way to learn the science behind my passion

by julian c


me gusto mucho el curso

by Frédéric M


A very good Course!!



good course

by Lee K J



by Junyu M


The topics are interesting on their own but not much was said about how each theory relates to actual speaker or music production. I was also confused at multiple points throughout the course but since the end of video quizzes did not have explanations to them I had to make do with not knowing what those answers were, which made understanding the course much more difficult. Overall, there were few links over the course topics and I felt it was hard to maintain interest, despite being extremely excited before the course started.

by saman K


well as a person who studied physics I should say that the mentors are very experienced and pro

but i think what makes this course a little bit unclear or unsuccessful is the short period of time for it because you can see from the quiz that you have to know more about calculating and basics of analyzing the circuit or show all these schematics practical too

by Patrick D


Helmholtz material needs a re-write. Include the Matlab code when showing a simulation. It seems like they almost they are trying to hold back information at times as if it's a couple of company guys protecting IP. Good overall though.

by Lara D G


I think that the electronic parts and the acoustics part of this course are very unbalanced. Circuits are really difficult whilst test questions regarding acoustics are reasonable.

by Armando M


Hasta el momento todo va bien... Seria excelente tener la opción de bajar la información expuesta para futuros backups

by Breno R R


Muito focado na parte de eletrônica e circuitos elétricos.

by Bryan W


The concepts are covered at only the most superficial level, with very little explanation given along the way as to what the mathmatics are showing you or how to apply the concepts being taught. There are mistakes throughout the curriculum that have gone uncorrected for years and obviously no one cares. There is no Part 2, so I wouldn't bother taking this because it's not like it'll prime you for a follow up course that is more useful.