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Welcome to AWS Fundamentals: Addressing Security Risk! This course will give you an overview of security best practices when developing and managing applications on AWS. The course, created by AWS experts and delivered by AWS Solutions Architects, uses video lectures, hands-on exercise guides, demonstrations, and quizzes to dive deep on concepts about security on AWS. You will learn about the concept of “least privilege” and the AWS Shared Responsibility Model, as well as view demonstrations of Amazon GuardDuty, AWS Secrets Manager, and cross-account access. We encourage IT professionals and leaders who are interested in learning about best practices for securing an AWS environment and applications developed on AWS to enroll in this course. Before taking this course, we recommend you complete AWS Fundamentals: Going Cloud Native ( Class forums will also allow you to ask questions and interact with AWS training instructors....



May 04, 2020

Excellent Experience. Couldn't expect anything better. Both the instructors were cheerful throughout the duration of the course and made me build my colony on MARS. Thanks from Elon Musk as well.


Oct 03, 2019

Well presented course, high level but a very good introduction to AWS and security best practices. I recommend this to anyone who wishes to begin learning about AWS and security best practices.


AWS Fundamentals: Addressing Security Risk: 1 - 25 / 231 レビュー

by Patrick T R

Nov 11, 2019

Lessons were confusing for a few reasons. The bees on Mars idea got old really quickly and didn't seem to relate much. The transcripts were full of errors, and I often had trouble following the narration of the lessons. Quizzes were on topics not covered yet. All in all, poorly executed, I regret to report.

by Alex S

Aug 14, 2019

There are too many errors in quizes, and however instructors were inspiring and funny, I got not much knowledge. The content of quizes is not matched to course content.

by Andrea F

Sep 07, 2019

It's a very high level course and more of an AWS product showcase than a course about how to use their best practices/products.

Furthermore tests seems to be disconnected with the content of the studied units

by Alina F

May 05, 2020

This is one of the worst courses that I have ever done. The scope of new information is significant and these videos and notes clearly cannot give justice to the seriousness of the matter. The course is supposed to explain to beginners all this stuff and not just to list all the available AWS documentation pages. I am perfectly capable to go to the AWS website and read documentation myself - I do not need a course for that. What I expect from the course, is a creative (and I do not mean that ridiculous attempt to make this course “fun” which was, in fact, so awkward that it made me uncomfortable sometimes) approach to explain the material to students who are striving to really understand how things work and not just to sheepishly memorise all those names of the available services. In many ways, this course feels like shining marketing material with a clear goal to attract new clients to AWS rather than educational material for those who try to understand how it actually works and what all this means. Overall, the course feels disorganised, immature, raw, chaotic and sloppy. I agree with other reviewers of the course that quizzes often were rather random and consisted topics which supposed to be either in the future lessons or such details that were not covered altogether.

P.S. Lots of errors and typos in video transcripts ("ash tree" instead of S3, for example) and also quizzes, such as, for instance, JBDC connection instead of JDBC connection (Quiz Week 3, Quiz 2). What about attention to details?

by Josh J

Jun 26, 2020

Heavy accents, cheesy jokes, and lack of visuals made it difficult to stay engaged.

by Francis F

Jun 09, 2020

The concepts are not very clearly explained. I had to read the aws documentation to get a better understanding. Insufficient demos to illustrate the use cases.

The usage of the "bees" thingy is interesting but too childish for a serious topic as security

Tests do not reflect the topics discussed on the video.

Suggest this be rewritten.

by Jan K

Sep 23, 2019

Test evaluation is buggy, no reaction in the forums.

by Seb

Aug 08, 2019

Quiz have been incorrect and you keep getting prompted to carry on even though it hasn't been fixed. I should content should be tested before going live or at least respond quickly on feedback provided by customers

by David G

Apr 10, 2020

This course was much less useful than the initial course in the series. Too much of the course was learned combing through the AWS web site pointed to vaguely in the related reading section. If I just wanted to read AWS doc, I could do that without a course. Quizzes were not well done, many question weren't addressed in the lectures or directly in the related reading, the answers were only found multiple clicks into the AWS web site.

I also thought the bee problem was not helpful. Would have been much more helpful to use two scenarios to secure: a greenfield application build and a legacy corporate application.

by Dean E B

Jun 06, 2020

This was not designed to help learners, it was an AWS grab bag of security resources. A lot of the terminology in the videos assumed familiarity with a wide range of IT jargon I was not familiar with.

I got great value from digesting the AWS documentation, almost nothing from the videos. The quizzes seemed almost completely random.

I was expecting an explanation of of principles and uses of security in the design of a cloud application, this was sorely lacking.

by Alexander F

May 12, 2020

The first course was much better. There were basically no details in the videos, and very little concrete and useful demos. The bee theme was just annoying and didn't help me understand anything. You can convey high-level understanding without wrapping it up like that. While the first course was also silly, it was so in a way that made it much easier to learn something.

by Nishant N

Jun 14, 2020

It should contain labs demonstration. The course should be in more depth

by Anjali S

Jun 14, 2020

Not detailed and very vague.

by james m

Nov 12, 2019

This course was helpful in aligning previously understood security knowledge with the AWS terms and applications. It was a rapid way to become aware of the standard AWS tools to help secure a cloud based application or data storage. The pace of the course, depth of coverage and use of practical examples will be helpful to experienced professionals who are moving their career from on-prem equipment to AWS.


May 11, 2020

Good Day

I am sincerely thankful and grateful to Coursera for this Opportunity in this lockdown period .

Thanks and Warm Regards.


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by Carlo N

Sep 25, 2019

Rudy and Hong are very funny and the bee analogy is very good to explain those arguments.

Guys, to me the course is very well done and answers to quizzes are correct. I say that because you DON'T find all needed answers in videos and this because you have - to read and study - the online help center and search inside the service pages of AWS.

by Panashe M

Dec 29, 2019

Courses are well delivered and the videos and reading materials are well explained. I wish in the near future AWS team could include Qwiklab projects to these courses hence it will give us learners a glimps of hands-on experience

by Mostafa A A

Jul 10, 2020

Thanks but we need labs for practice even if these labs are videos to view outside course, labs for example showing each security features aws cognito user and identity, specifying roles, how to secure an application,....etc.

by Vivek V

May 04, 2020

Excellent Experience. Couldn't expect anything better. Both the instructors were cheerful throughout the duration of the course and made me build my colony on MARS. Thanks from Elon Musk as well.

by Elki S

Oct 03, 2019

Well presented course, high level but a very good introduction to AWS and security best practices. I recommend this to anyone who wishes to begin learning about AWS and security best practices.

by Juan P L

May 19, 2020

Great content, a lot of learning. I just had some trouble with the pronunciation in a few words, but I appreciate the materials explaining all AWS services and best practices.

by Jose A A

Feb 02, 2020

I learned very useful concepts and read great documentation that allowed me to increase my understanding of how a well-architected solution should be designed and deployed.

by Carlos S

May 17, 2020

Well presented - but needs a bit more hands on practice and quizzes. Would be even better if a practical example was included from beginning to end

by Tejal P

Jul 04, 2020

Hello ,I learnt many new things from the course

The course was too good and helpful to me as I am pursuing my degree in information technology ..

by Cheikh B

May 27, 2020

Very good course to get started with AWS services

You gave us a smile throughout the course it was a pleasure to learn by your side thank you