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サンクトペテルブルク工科大学(Peter the Great St. Petersburg Polytechnic University) による Introduction to Biomedical Engineering の受講者のレビューおよびフィードバック



The course is aimed at university-level students of all engineering backgrounds, who would like to learn the basics of modern biomedical engineering, including the development of human-robotic interfaces and systems such as bionic prosthetics. The course is covering the practical basics of almost everything that a modern biomedical engineer is required to know: electronics, control theory, microcontrollers (Arduino), and high-level programming (MATLAB). All covered disciplines do not require any prior knowledge except university-level mathematics and physics. By the end of the course, the students will be able to practically understand and design electronic systems for electrophysiological signal acquisition, connect and program the microcontroller, organise the data transmission between a controller and PC, process the acquired signal and control a simple robot with the acquired signal in real-time. The course is also providing a platform from which the students can improve their skills further by simply adding more complicated systems and experimenting with more advanced control paradigms. Although the course is aimed at engineers, it will be also suitable for anyone who is interested in modern R&D as it teaches the practical concepts which are employed by almost any engineering environments around the world involved in designing and prototyping of new ideas, both in academia and industry. The course was developed by Peter the Great St. Petersburg Polytechnic University with the support of University College London (UCL)....



The course covers a lot of disciplines in a relatively short material


Awesome course for anyone interested in Biomedical Engineering


Introduction to Biomedical Engineering : 1 - 25 / 44 レビュー

by Abhijath S


not for beginners

by Lavanith T


It was good but i think it should also be included with some lectures related to biomedical engineering!



Awesome course for anyone interested in Biomedical Engineering

by Marcos J S


Unattended forum

Teacher just reads on videos the documentation provided, with a meaningless intonation, like he doesn´t really understand what he´s saying

Not really a course, nothing teached, just some info and test

Mistakes in exercises forms make impossible to give the correct answers

Doesn´t worth the effort, neither your time

by Adheesh P


not for the faint of heart

by Pandega A Z


The course covers a lot of disciplines in a relatively short material

by JooYoung C J


Though this is a good introduction, there could be more topics to explore, such as cybernetics, implants, how to perform mechanical and electrical engineering for biomedical applications with these learned topics, maybe more projects people have done and why they matter

by mandeep s r


Really Good one........ This course gives you more than sufficient insight of Bio-Tech and Robotics. I think It is one of the most to the point course on automatic control using Arduino. I will recommend this course to any Electrical, Electronics, Instrumentation and of course Bio Tech engineer. Thanks to instructor.

by Jonathan A M V


It is a fairly comprehensive and specific course, the topics are essential for a biomedical system.

by Olivier G


Great course, a lot a materials in only 4 weeks

well done !



Very Nice

by Pavithra R



by Dennon N


It was challenging for an intro course, but it was worth it. The knowledge and experience will surely take me along way and am forever grateful.

by Shadman T


I'm just glad that I've managed to finish it. The instructor just says little details about how what is working and also the slides are not well articulated. As someone from Mechanical Background, It's difficult and tiring to grasp what the instructor suggests. More clarity is required. Just 7mins overhead explanation is not sufficient for hands-on work. I struggled and thought of quitting but I didn't. Patience and baby steps allowed me to complete it.

by Assaf P


I don't recommend this because it's absolutely overly mathemitized, way too abstracted.

by Stabak D


Through this course, I have learned how to apply the knowledge of electronics to the Biomedical Engineering Field. Apart from that application of the control system, Arduino, Matlab was also discussed. But the most exciting part was biomedical circuit design and visualization of the circuit through Thinkercad. Truly speaking it's a worthy investment of time and effort.

by Ignacio M


I've enjoyed every minute of this course, the resources and teaching are perfect. Fully recomendable as an introduction to embedded control and bio-robotics.

by Iván M C


Very good course. It gives you the initial bits so you investigate your areas of interest deeper.

by Aishwarya M K


It was a good informative course! I learned more about Arduino and how to work with electronics in a stimulated environment like tinkercad. More explanation about the basics of working with Arduino could have been given. But would recommend all the biomedical engineering students to try this course.

by Deepak K D


EXCELLENT COURSE for BIOMEDICAL ENGINEERING beginners and INSTRUMENTATION AND ELECTRONICS graduates , but course answer forum need to be understood properly to get answers right properly. ALSO MATLAB PRORAMMING WITH EXERCISE NEED TO BE INTRODUCED.

by Jose L O Y


The content is amazing but there is a lack of assistance and practicing exercises. The forums had the same doubts and no curse instructor feedback as such.

by Luis F S V


It has some issues in the exercises and need to add more examples

by Muhammad M


Assignments are too tough.

by Sithum W


Better to have more more detailed explaination when lecturing

by Kaustubh G


there are no answers given if the student answered wrong. How can we justify our mistake and see the correct answer