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Large-scale biology projects such as the sequencing of the human genome and gene expression surveys using RNA-seq, microarrays and other technologies have created a wealth of data for biologists. However, the challenge facing scientists is analyzing and even accessing these data to extract useful information pertaining to the system being studied. This course focuses on employing existing bioinformatic resources – mainly web-based programs and databases – to access the wealth of data to answer questions relevant to the average biologist, and is highly hands-on. Topics covered include multiple sequence alignments, phylogenetics, gene expression data analysis, and protein interaction networks, in two separate parts. The first part, Bioinformatic Methods I (this one), deals with databases, Blast, multiple sequence alignments, phylogenetics, selection analysis and metagenomics. The second part, Bioinformatic Methods II, covers motif searching, protein-protein interactions, structural bioinformatics, gene expression data analysis, and cis-element predictions. This pair of courses is useful to any student considering graduate school in the biological sciences, as well as students considering molecular medicine. Both provide an overview of the many different bioinformatic tools that are out there. These courses are based on one taught at the University of Toronto to upper-level undergraduates who have some understanding of basic molecular biology. If you're not familiar with this, something like might be helpful. No programming is required for this course. Bioinformatic Methods I is regularly updated, and was completely updated for January 2022....




This course is very well organized, easy to understand, and explained everything steps by step which will help to grasp the concept easily. If you are a beginner like me, you should take this course.



Bioinformatics 1 was very interesting and enlightening for me. I learnt practical skills which I can now apply in to ace an impactful career. Thank you so much Coursera for this amazing opportunity!


Bioinformatic Methods I: 101 - 125 / 348 レビュー

by Mohamed A E S S


It is a very great course that help me to learn more about that field of science and i hope to continue with more advanced levels

by Shamsunnahar M


I had a very basic knowledge but this course help me to understand the use of all parameters and what is the objective for this.

by Anuj S


This course is very helpful in related to providing basic knowledge about the topic and that is best thing about this course.

by Sael M A


Great course fro beginners, highly recommended for people who are going to have some bioinformatic aspects in their projects.

by Vitor I


Nicholas Provart is a great instructor!

This course was very useful. I'll highly recommend other students to take this course

by Wambui K


The course was excellent. The labs give a practical feel of what Bioinformatics is. Great work. Looking forward to Part II.



Un curso desafiante y entretenido para reforzar conocimientos y ahondar en herramientas para el análisis bioinformático.



Nice course. Very well explained. Interesting topic shown in an equally interesting manner. Tools shown also very useful

by Roman P


bioinformatics guide for practical work, great observation of last common use programs and clear explanation of methods

by Gulnaz D


Thank you very much for this course! This course was extremely interesting !

I enriched my knowledge in Bioinformatics.

by omar w


this course's lab is really amazing the only thing id recommend is to increase the number of questions in weekly tests

by Suhas G


A very well structured course with graded difficulty and accurate instructions. Throughly enjoyed being a part of it.

by Cristi V


Great and indepth introduction for those interested in learning bioinformatics. Next stop: Bioinformatic Methods II

by Ivana R


All lectures are well explained and in proper construction. Lab discussions help to internalize the material well.

by Atakan z N


I learned how to analyze by using bioinformatics data with taxonomy. My perspective has changed with new programs

by Anna A


Instructions for the assignments are very straightforward, which helped a lot to build my skill step by step.

by Roman S


It was a relevant course teaching basic bioinformatics. the course was well-structured and not hard-to follow

by Shreya P


Very well explained all the topics..

Plus it is great to attend those quiz after completing one week cource.

by Negar P


It is very useful and helpful. Thank you very much Coursera and special thanks to dear Dr. Nicholas Provart.

by Md. M R B


If you have a keen interest in Bioinformatics then this course is for you and trust me this course is best.

by Waseem A A


Vey well-designed, very informative, and interesting. One of the best online courses about Bioinformatics.

by Roberto I L C


Amazing and well explained course...Lot of themes and information, some easy/difficult quizzes questions.

by Muhammad z


thanku so much for this course really the mentor nicholas is a great teacher and i have enjoy the course.

by Muhammad F N


I m a bioinformatician, this course helped me acquire better skills and understanding of bioinformatics.

by Pavithrra G


I can understand each and everything clearly, really a good course for basic learners in Bioinformatics.