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This first course of the Blockchain specialization provides a broad overview of the essential concepts of blockchain technology – by initially exploring the Bitcoin protocol followed by the Ethereum protocol – to lay the foundation necessary for developing applications and programming. You will be equipped with the knowledge needed to create nodes on your personal Ethereum blockchain, create accounts, unlock accounts, mine, transact, transfer Ethers, and check balances. You will learn about the decentralized peer-to-peer network, an immutable distributed ledger and the trust model that defines a blockchain. This course enables you to explain basic components of a blockchain (transaction, block, block header, and the chain) its operations (verification, validation, and consensus model) underlying algorithms, and essentials of trust (hard fork and soft fork). Content includes the hashing and cryptography foundations indispensable to blockchain programming, which is the focus of two subsequent specialization courses, Smart Contracts and Decentralized Applications (Dapps). You will work on a virtual machine image, specifically created for this course, to build an Ethereum test chain and operate on the chain. This hands-on activity will help you understand the workings of a blockchain, its transactions, blocks and mining. Main concepts are delivered through videos, demos and hands-on exercises....



Nov 19, 2018

This is an introductory course to Blockchain. The supplemented material (in other words self-study) is excellent and in my opinion is the only way to master the concepts and details of this discipline


Jul 28, 2018

I find this course helpful to absolute beginner and for one who wants to grasp the basic concepts of Blockchain . The tutor tried to explain most part with simplicity and good and sufficient details.


Blockchain Basics: 851 - 875 / 1,032 レビュー

by Gokul G

Apr 04, 2020

Basic Details are explained in a detailed manner and final assessment was also great

by Avinash S

Feb 17, 2019

Explains the concepts in very efficient manner with Great Programming Assignment.

by Putcha L N R

Dec 09, 2018

Pretty decent for an introductory course! Hope it gets better in further modules!

by Rahul S

Aug 12, 2018

Best course for learning basics about blockchain,ethereum and smart contracts.

by Aleksandar P

Feb 25, 2019

It was to easy. CLI command should be included in the programming assignment.


Oct 15, 2018

There should be also tutorial on how to use software .

SInce we are beginners.

by Anish K

Feb 03, 2020

Content could be a bit more detailed and expressive. Overall a great course.

by K G V

May 28, 2020

learnt basics in block chain.frustrated while submitting the final project.

by Welborn M

May 19, 2019

Everything was perfect. Just need improvements in instructions for courses.

by Hariom V

Apr 30, 2020

The final assignment could be less frustrating.

Though the course was good.

by Vinay K

Nov 19, 2018

Programming assignment should be more verbose with more technical details.

by Dipen G

Jul 01, 2018

I had to watch each video at least two times, but all in all, it was good.

by Shubham P

Oct 16, 2019

The course was great! Related articles are perfect for insight knowledge.

by Syed M B

Apr 28, 2020

Kindly provide a Notebook facility to submit a programming assignment.

by Balaji S

Mar 07, 2019

The programming assignment is not really testing the knowledge gained

by Yoonus K V

Mar 24, 2019

How to fund the accounts would have been nice int he project section

by edwin m

Mar 26, 2020

Course was interesting and informative. Great course for beginners.

by Juan F P

May 14, 2020

it is a good course, with all blockchain basics, perfect to start.

by Nathan W

Dec 28, 2018

Overall a good course to learn the basics of how blockchain works.

by Cheng Z

Jun 22, 2018

It's easy to understand and the exercises are easy to complete.


Aug 20, 2019

its quiet an interactive course especially the last assignment


May 08, 2020

A good course to get started with fundamentals of blockchain.

by Sujoy D P

Jul 12, 2020

It was a great course.But assignment part was a bit tricky.

by Anisa S P

Jun 09, 2020

Course is good but the last assignment is very troublesome

by Parag G

May 18, 2019

It was a good course especially the assignment at the last