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This fourth course of the Blockchain specialization provides learners with an understanding of the broader blockchain ecosystem. Learners are introduced to other blockchain platforms, details of two decentralized application use cases, and challenges such as privacy and scalability. They are prepared to discuss permissioned blockchain architectures of Hyperledger and Microsoft Azure's blockchain as a service model and analyze the Augur and Grid+ decentralized application platforms. Course material includes emerging alternative decentralization models such as IPFS and Hashgraph, challenges in broader blockchain adoption, and continuous improvement solutions....



May 07, 2020

With effective and efficiently covered important platforms. I got sufficient knowledge to explore platforms in deep. Big thanks to Buffalo University and Coursera for this specialization course.


Mar 06, 2019

I think the course was very well planned. The videos were short and crisp. I also liked the additional reading material suggested which greatly helped understanding the detailed concepts.


Blockchain Platforms: 76 - 100 / 101 レビュー

by Ariful I F

Jun 23, 2020

Respected teaching professor Bina Ramamurthy madam is a very good instructor. Her English accent way of delivering speech is very clear.This course is perfect for making a very good foundation on decentralized technology. I will be very thankful to her and Coursera and my university AIUB for sponsoring my online education.

[ I do have a complain. During the final assignment I saw that IPFS web UI was updated. But the assignment was designed according to the old structure of IPFS. As a result I was facing some problems. Then I checked the Discussion Forums and saw many students were asking for the same problem. But no one is replying the solutions.]

Thank You.

by Jorg v G

Oct 04, 2018

Very interesting to see what is happening in the blockchain space. This industry is moving so fat that the course needs to be updated on a regular basis. I am happy I followed it and got a deeper and better perspective on the possibilities.

by Anoop B A

Dec 25, 2018

No issues with course content. A few hurdles faced during the final project due to the difference in hashes and the changes in the UI which were not taken into consideration for the quiz at the end of the course.

by Muhammad Z M

Jul 03, 2020

The course was very good but Hashgraph was very hard to understand for beginners. I know the concept was already complex, but the explanation could be better in my opinion. Other then that it was very good.

by Inderjeet S

May 25, 2020

The course provides good overview of various Blockchain platforms, however this course is recorded as of 2018, so it does not provide any coverage to the newer blockchain platforms.

by Aniket D

Dec 16, 2019

The course was quite resourceful holistically. Connection with instructor was lacking due lack in eye contact ; almost as if the material is being read out from monitor.

by vijaya k D

Sep 06, 2018

with out this course it is hard to understand upcoming internet technological changes especially for decentralized web

by Oscar E

Sep 20, 2018

Final quiz is using invalid answer alternatives and deviates from instructions. Otherwise a good course.

by Dimitri P

Apr 10, 2019

Very good course overall. Could not quite understand why so much attention to IPFS specifically though.

by Mitesh V

Jul 05, 2020

Awesome coverage of topics through out, and a great way to begin the blockchain enthusiast journey !

by Tod Y

Mar 10, 2019

Good content, expands the mind to other DLT possibilities.

by Shaswata D

Jun 07, 2020

Not as good as previous 3 courses, but though insightful

by Gabriel M

Oct 05, 2018

Great overview of different blockchain plattforms.

by Thang P N

Dec 28, 2018

Nice knowledge overview

by Alexander S

Dec 11, 2018

bit less content but ok

by Rohini B

May 18, 2020


by Vishakh M R

Apr 26, 2020


by Jigar A

Jun 06, 2020

Felt a bit bored in this course. A demo application making in Hyperledger and IPFS could be more interesting, also connecting IPFS to Ethereum and Hyperledger could have been amazing.

by Amit K

Feb 28, 2019

No discrete information about the platforms are given in the course. The course can be developed further with a detailed basic hands on tutorial for new platforms.

by Rony A

May 19, 2020

Not as useful as the other courses in the specialization which were first rate


May 13, 2020


by Marco M

Sep 20, 2019

Too basic.

by Predrag P

Jan 06, 2019

Never liked the approach where professor forces you to learn one specific app. And tests are poorly designed. Assembling questions for specific version of application is poor choice. Students are left with choice to pick newer version for passing tests and tests are not aligned with new versions.

by Jonny T

May 21, 2019

The associated english dialog is often incorrect and confusing, the end project has not been kept up to date with the ipfs UI. for example there is no Connection Tab in the IPFS.

by Shahar K

Jul 25, 2019

Very bad course. Jumps between high level boring specs to demos with too many details, the high level and demos just don't connect. also the "Module Objective" and "Summary" slides takes too much time from a few minutes sections, making them feel strange and old fashioned.