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Welcome to an Introduction to Breast Cancer! In this course, we’ll learn a bit about the leading cause of cancer in women worldwide – from the basic biology of the disease, to risk factors and prevention, to treatment modalities to survivorship. We’ll talk to leading experts, explore some of the milestone studies that have pushed this field forward, and have interactive discussions on discussion boards and social media. You’ll even have an opportunity to let us know what topics you want to cover on tweetchats, so we can try to make the content fit your interests. There is something in this course for everyone – if you’re a breast cancer survivor or the friend/family member of someone with this disease, this course will help you to better understand this disease, and give you ideas for questions you may want to ask your doctor. Maybe you’re a healthcare provider or studying to be the same, this course is a great refresher on where the state of the science is. If you’re a healthcare administrator wondering about how the interdisciplinary components of breast cancer care fit together, or an entrepreneur thinking about unmet needs in this space, or someone in public health interested in prevention, this course is also for you! Are you ready to learn a lot, and have some fun while we’re at it? If so, I hope you’ll join us! Let’s get started!!!...



Dr. Chagpar is fantastic . the way she presented the information made it enjoyable and easy to be understood. the course material is very valuable and cover most of the topics about Breast cancer.


i am absolutely amazed at how well structured and well described this course was. i would like to extend a heartiest thanks to dr. Anees chagpar for the great teaching and better understanding.


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by Julieta G


Dr Anees Chagpar is wonderful. The way she simplifies such complex concepts with drawing and schematics is simply amazing. I truy feel that I've learnt so much over this course and look forward to keep learning much more about cancer related topics. Thank you Dr Anees Chagpar!

by Aiena M


Dr. Anees is one of the finest in this field. She not only explains the topics well, but also shows empathy through these videos. Thanks to her and the entire team at Yale, who made this course possible.

It helped me understand what my mother and sister have gone through :-)

by Nicole M


I really liked this course. I think there was a lot of content covered in a short period of time and the way that it was presented kept me focused. I think the professor was able to present the information in an effective way. I would definitely recommend this course.

by Emilia M


This course was amazing, I enjoyed every part of it. Anees Chagpar is an awesome professor who explained all the content in such a way that it was really easy to understand. I will always take with me the knowledge obtained from these lessons. Thank you Dr. Chagpar!

by Mickael T


I'm working on machine learning applied to mammography, so I am looking on the breast imaging a lot. This course offered me a better overall picture of the disease and how it's managed from patient and clinical point of view. Thank you a lot for all this material.

by İrem K


This course is so well-structured and presented that I'm confident everyone, from medical professionals to people who are interested would easily utilize it. The professional yet catchy explanations of Dr. Anees Chagpar make the experience wholesome for everyone.

by Mari C B


Amazing course with an amazing teacher. She makes easy to understand such a complicated disease like breast cancer. Tissue is the issue!! I enjoyed the course a lot, I learned a lot. Totally recomended for everyone interested in health, cancer, breast cancer....

by Ummi C


Great course with a great instructor. The course was aimed at general pubic interested in Breast Cancer, so the it is structured to be very easily followed. While I was looking for a more challenging course, the course does a great job as an introductory course.

by Sara W


This entire course was very well done. I enjoyed learning all that I did concerning breast cancer and loved the integration of interviews to practically apply much of the knowledge learned to specific roles involved with breast cancer diagnosis and treatment.

by Kerem M G


​To my belief, this is one of the most courses available here. I've learned so many brand new terminology, new concepts which widened my vision. I've learned things I never would've been able to learn here in my country. Best 49 USD ever spent :)

by Rifat T J


I am a MS thesis student, currently researching on sporadic breast cancer. This course is helping me a lot in writing the dissertation . Dr. Chagpar is an excellent instructor, delivered her vast knowledge in the simplest way possible.

by Adeboye A S


This is a super-excellent course. I really enjoyed the course throughout and had a pleasurable time being a student under Dr Anee Chagpar. She is so amazing, proficient, nice and Friendly. A big thankyou to Yale university for this.

by Shobha


Its an excellent course. Dr. Agness Chagpar is an expert and the way of presentation was excellent. Its easily understand to anybody other than medical field persons. This course was very useful for me in my further life.



This course helped me to learn a lot .It was a highly interesting course and I am thankful to Coursera for helping me to finish this course.This has encouraged me to do more and study more in Coursera. Thank you Coursera

by Alicia A


This class was awesome! I work in Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery and there were some aspects of Breast Cancer such as the grade and stage that I never fully understood, so I thank you for explaining things in depth!

by Lu L


A wonderfull presentation by Dr Anness Chegpar, every video is very clear and slowly spoken and comprhensive for non native english speaker.

For the content of the course, I have learned so much abouth the Breast Cance

by Udhaya K


Dr. Anees B. Chagpar, a great salute for you. I always feel learning science is through sharing knowledge. The way you share your experience and knowledge is way better than anybody else. Thank you so much, Mam.

by Le T T T


This is the best course about cancer I have ever learnt. It provides me huge knowledge about breast cancer and helps me to treat my patients comprehensively and better. Thank you MD Anees and Coursera

by Danilo K M


I learned so much with this course, and it will definitely help me to give people advice about breast cancer.

The spotlight of the lectures is professor Anees B. Chagpar, she is just spectacular!



Congratulations to the team at YALE!!!

Dr. ANEES CHAGPAR, brilliant engaging lecturer,it was a fun laerning with you,Thankyou so very much.

i have gained more than what I expected from the course.

by Jose A d A R


Dr. Anees Chagpur is fantastic, the course is basic but goes in depth into relevant matters for the general public. I think it is an excellent course to take a first approach to breast cancer.

by Nazia T F


This was was very informative and helpful. I liked the instructor's way of presentation. It was very interactive. This course focuses mostly on the treatment therapies for breast cancer.

by Sonia J


I really enjoyed this course. Now I have such a huge interest in it . Breast cancer is one of my favourite topic which I want to learn . Thanku so much mam for this amazing knowledge .

by ankita m


A brilliant course and learning directly through the best in the field. Very detailed interviews with the Oncologists - you will get to now the future of treatment and scope as well.

by Sayalee S


Wonderful course with well updated study material. so much to gain from the wonderful instructor DR. Chagpar. Wholesome and insightful interviews make the course so very interesting