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In this beginner project we will give you an introduction to using Android Studio and will facilitate you gaining the confidence and knowledge to begin your journey in the world of Android Development. By the end of this course you will have built an app in Android Studio using Java and will have uploaded your APK to Appetize. You will learn how to test your app on the Appetize platform. In this app you will build buttons, a TextView, an EditText, and dialog boxes. We will also cover using AVD Manager to create virtual devices that could be used to test applications in Android Studio. Projects in Series 1: 1. Build a Simple App in Android Studio with Java 2. Build a Persistent Storage App in Android Studio 3. Build a Linear Layout App in Android Studio 4. Build a Relative Layout App in Android Studio 5. Build a Table Layout App in Android Studio Projects in Series 2: 1. Build an App in Android Studio using Resources 2. Build an App in Android Studio using Static Files 3. Build an App in Android Studio using Read - Write 4. Build an App in Android Studio using onTouch 5. Build an App in Android Studio using Activities...



Apr 27, 2020

Great one.....helped me alot in knowing a basic and building a basic android app using android development. Also the host is too good and helful


Jun 05, 2020

Good Course.......but it can be made little bit long in order to understand the tricky part of the app made in this course...\n\nThank You


Build a Simple App in Android Studio with Java: 51 - 75 / 120 レビュー

by Londhe S

Jun 11, 2020

very good

by Komma S V M

May 23, 2020

Very good

by Balrajsinh S

Jun 04, 2020


by Sayan D

May 30, 2020



Jun 19, 2020


by Raja N S

May 15, 2020


by Kajal S J

Sep 17, 2020


by Nurniyazov A

Aug 30, 2020


by Bindu V S

Aug 15, 2020


by Yuva R

Jul 27, 2020


by Akash P

Jul 19, 2020


by Jayan A

Jun 26, 2020


by p s

Jun 25, 2020


by Vajinepalli s s

Jun 16, 2020


by tale p

Jun 16, 2020


by Shubham T

May 19, 2020


by M M A

Jul 26, 2020


by Sonu k

May 21, 2020


by Erica P

Jun 15, 2020

It was a pleasure that the instructor was descriptive and articulate during the guide. Very easy to follow. However, the Rhyme platform was a little annoying. I kept having to expand or close the videos or my cloud console to see the full screen of one or the other. Also, the text in the cloud console is super tiny. If you try to decrease the resolution, it will magnify to one part of the console and you can't see anything else. Having the software already installed on the cloud console is a plus, and the project time limit is tied to the videos, so if you're not understanding a concept or need to work a little longer, pause the video. No rush. The missing code that someone else mentioned is pinned in the discussion board, so the app can be fully functional as you do your project.

by Naman G

May 17, 2020

This course has all the elements which a beginner to the Android needs. It would help you build hope that android is just right for you or not. (if you ask me, i'm just for it :) ). The knowledge of java programming language prior to the course would be beneficial for you to work it out through the course with an interactive application.

by Pavan V S P

Sep 02, 2020

GOOD course for any beginner to Start and Develop Android Apps and the Amazing thing is that usually if u learn from any where else u need to doenload softwares but here u have a cloud Desktop in which u ll have the preInstalled Softwares ready to give a go and Learn Much More

by Rahul k V

May 31, 2020

The course was good. The major issue was that the course didn't specify the code which must go inside the onClickListeners for buttons btnStartAgain and btnExit. I had to come up with my own code to complete the app. Otherwise it was great.

by Darshana N

Jun 03, 2020

i learn to create my first android application in very easy and fun learning way .i like the way the instructor explained the concepts . i got the basic understanding of android studio and build my first android app with java


Jun 04, 2020

Teacher was skipping some parts in the videos. Because of which, there is a high chance to face problem. And 'Error' occurred many times. Teacher should have teach us even more broadly.

by Partho G

Jul 25, 2020

The project uses a hands-on approach to starting learning about Android application development using Android Studio and Java. Great! course for beginners.