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Globalisation and advances in information and communication technology have resulted in a 24/7 work environment characterised by rapid change, a greater sense of competition, and an explosion in access to communication and information. These pressures compound stress related to workload and information processing – this not only reduces performance but can lead to a reduced sense of meaning and purpose as well as physical and mental health issues. Understanding stress and how to boost your resilience to it are essential skills for contemporary leaders and play a vital role in managing the demands you face at work. This course will focus on the nature of stressors facing leaders in today’s work environments and how to deal with them. You’ll explore personal resilience – your capacity to withstand and cope with stress – and strategies for self-management, motivation and organisation. You’ll also learn how resilience is impacted by health and social relationships....



I really enjoy this learning. It gives me a lot of new insight to deal with day to day stressors. I find this course as a good tool for self contemplation and for sure it has grown our resilience.


Build Personal Resilience - I have learnt about the type of stresses and how to face all stresses in our day to day life. This course really helpfull to build my resiliene level. Thanks to TMTC .


Build personal resilience: 126 - 150 / 281 レビュー

by Vijaykumar H


This course is very helpful for self realisation and to build on your strengths . It focuses on 360 Degree personality development of an individual. Every one should must take this course for enhancing their personality.

by Saheli B


I have learnt so much and I have enjoyed doing all the learning too.This was a very interesting course and provide me depth knowledge about stress and how to build personal resilience to overcome the stress.

by Hetal S


It was a great course. Dr. Alena has explained the concept of stress, resilience and the relationship between the two beautifully. There were many new things that I learnt and that I will imbibe in my life.

by P K W P


Excellent Content of the ourse and makes it very practical to deal with stress and become more resilient. Brought clarity & uncovered areas which was complex and often leads to daily struggles

by Harendra R


Very great training and helped me a lot in finding and filling in the gaps in my self improvement to get a best work life balance and reset my focus on inherent good values I enjoy in.

by Claudia G B


The content of the course, the explanation of each topic and the external resources are really clear and helpful to achieve the goal of learning how to build your personal resilience.

by Ismat J


Very much useful course specially for single mothers who have to manage family and office single handedly. I have learned so many things that will help me in my daily office work as w

by Rajiv K P


In her own subtle style, Dr Alena slowly helps you discover the aspects of your life that are blocking the energy flow channels, and guides you through the strategies to handle them.

by Rajesh D


Excellent learning. It has boosted up my confidence level. I feel privileged as this training will be helpful to reduce stress in my daily work life and will make me more resilient.



This course is very good . it will help to understand the source of stressors and how to build personal resilience and manage your personal and professional life effectively .

by Jan S M


Truth really hurts. This is what makes this course worthwhile. It helps you realize your innermost desires and thoughts and helps you understand it and develop an action plan

by Sergio S S


I do appreciate all lessons learned on this course, for sure I will put in practice all good advises and tools get from this course on my life in order to get a better life.

by Esther C


I appreciate how the course outlines and breakdown into achievable methodologies to enable learners to follow and integrate the skills learnt into daily activities.

by Daniel D


One of the best courses I've done on Coursera. Super professionally prepared, right pace, very useful and insightful presentations and perfect delivery. Well done!



Its a excellent course we can learn a lot from this. How stress impact on work efficiency in day today life and how it affect both internal and external factors

by Pradip R


Course is very useful for Executives working in a Growing company which believes in performance of the team members and set stretched but achievable targets .

by Arrate D d D


I loved the course. Very clearly explained and very useful to apply day to day. A help to deep dive in self -knowdledge and strategies to improve life.

by Sadeko T


what an in depth journey through personal resilience & stress management! Definitely brings new insights and look forward to implement them on my daily.

by René A R M


Es un excelente curso, realmente me dejó mucho aprendizaje y reflexión, necesito re-inventarme y diseñar un plan de acción para mi vida futura.

by Andrea A E K


I loved taking this course! It is very interesting and beneficial, especially in our modern era that requires constant adaptability to stress.

by Anindyo C


Thank You- the course was engaging, it also brought in a sense of discipline wherein one had to find time to do this despite tight schedules



WOW!!! Very useful training. Definitely this will help to grow further and helping to take more challenges without any Stress.




Amazing course, will give a positive impact for building personal resilience and challenging the stresses in day to day work life.

by Stefan C v d H


Very informative, went over the importance of stress management both personal / professional and how to tackle it in much detail

by Maria C S


I got a hole overview of how stress triggers in different ways and a lot of strategies to cope with it through resilience.