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A learner will be able to write an application that leverages multiple Watson AI services (Discovery, Speech to Text, Assistant, and Text to Speech). By the end of the course, they’ll learn best practices of combining Watson services, and how they can build interactive information retrieval systems with Discovery + Assistant....



Very useful and practical course in applying AI functionality (e.g., Text2Speech, Speech2Text, Data Analysis and Metadata) with minimal programing (by leveraging APIs).


It was hard but I learn a lot and I keep learning & experiment all the new skills to improve my knowledge.\n\nThanks ! I keep learning AI !


Building AI Applications with Watson APIs: 101 - 122 / 122 レビュー

by Ivon M


The course layout made it easy to understand the material presented.



instructions were not sufficient...could have been more informative

by Patricio V


That's a good course, but so many issues with labs on IBM Cloud

by Enrique A M


Excellent, useful.

by peter


Great course

by Amol T






by Fabian B


The course is a nice overview over the possibilities that IBM Watson offers for setting up AI based chatbots. It really made me think about how I could apply such a chatbot for my projects. Most of the code is copy and paste but that allows everyone to decide how deep they want to dive into that - just get an overview and understand the basic principles or understand and edit the code and build chatbots on their own. Unfortunately, as many other reviewers mentioned, the labs are partly erroneous and misleading, in particular the final assignment was a great mess. It should be revised asap.

by Gazali


This course had too many steps and switching between various Apps. While the instructions were clear, its good to have faster support/response on queries raised, as there were many steps we had to repeat from beginning and delay in response from instructors

by Nakshatra G


Lack of knowledgeability I couldn't get the clear instructions it's just OK OK Not very good not very bad

and discussion forums were also unable to solve my problems. There wasn't a perfect response from teaching staff

by K. Y W


Good course. Out of date lab instructions jarred my experience. Nevertheless, those posed good challenges. Thank you for the practical way the course is structured such that the labs are the practical source to learn.

by Rodrigo S


There were many bugs along this course that have not been solved for some months (according to the forums). All in all, you should be able to complete the course, even though it may take longer than expected.

by Jafarbek U


In general, you can learn a lot from this course. But in some sections, your code or project doesn't give the result you want because of too many technical steps, and you get frustrated.

by Eugene N


It was a great experience but the labs involving integrating watson discovery to watson assistant needs to be re-checked. I think something is missing in the instructions.

by Siddharth K


Some lab instructions were clearly not defined properly for a student. Additional functions also failed to even work for most students

by John N


Some of the labs have really poor instructions and guidance. They need some work to help improve the student experience.

by Bassam R


The final lab instructions need definitely to be updated. Many instructions are missing, leading to confusion.

by Malay M


Lots of error needs to be removed and the labs need to be updated. Most of the labs are not working.

by Kane H


Too many bugs in the course too work through.

by Amy E


labs need urgent update

by Darshan D


The content itself is very good and the videos are simple and conversational. However there are issues with labs and the inefficient peer review process that will mean you keep paying for subscriptions even if you are quick to complete the course

The labs are prone to errors. Expect to get stuck with errors and response from the staff can take its own time and also expect a few to and fro's before the issue is understood and handled.

Secondly peer review of assignment is an inefficient process. A blind spot, no idea of the time it will take once you submit.

Both these can result in extended time and expenditure for the learner

by Ed P


Final project was not well defined and had misleading information in the project requirements. The course provided "mechanical steps" and should have provided more resources on the purpose and theory behind the implementation of the API with better overviews of functional flows and API interrelationships. There were many students (as is evidenced in the forums) who struggled with the final project.

by hesham s


The labs in course 5 of the specialization lacks many details that needed to be elaborated during the lab , although the first 4 modules were perfectly presented