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Nearly every aspect of business is affected by data analytics. There are many powerful tools that can quickly process large amounts of data. For businesses to capitalize on data analytics, they need leaders who understand the data analytic process. Even more valuable are leaders who know how to analyze big data. This course addresses the human skills gap by providing a foundational set of data analytic skills that can be applied to many business settings....



Introduction to Business Analytics with R: 1 - 11 / 11 レビュー

by Deepjyoti R

May 12, 2020

I think the 3rd and the 4th module felt a bit rushed and did not seemed planned as well as the first two. Also, harder concepts should be broken down into multiple 1-3 minute videos rather than lengthy ones as it is rather easy to get lost in the weeds following the steps within the content.

by Tyler B

May 11, 2020

This course should disclaim that previous background in coding is strongly recommended. This 4 week course was very difficult to follow - not so much the content but the structure. There were a number of instances where the Professor didn't clearly disclose that he loaded a particular package or read in a certain file. This causes us to spend hours trying to understand.

by Nayeli H P

May 13, 2020

This class was great, you get to learn the basics of R, I have no previous experience with programming languages and I feel in a much better place, after taking this class. I highly recommend it.

by Mei W

May 12, 2020

very useful class

by Sourav k s

May 12, 2020

Excellent Course

by Sriram R

May 13, 2020

Thanks for the wonderful introduction to data analytics using R. Module 4 needs a bit of work to make the content more relevant. It would be helpful if the module can focus on how to read those graphs rather than how to program those which can be found from the help documentation as well. Thanks!

by Dipesh S

Apr 27, 2020

One of the better course I have attended

by Pawel C

May 07, 2020

I found the class focused only on coding. Assignment were different than notes and support from the teacher and TAs was limited.

by John B

May 09, 2020

Very poor content overall - highly encourage you to look elsewhere, like DataCamp, over using this

by Viral S

May 10, 2020

Hard to follow and was missing connection between lectures and assignments.

by woogwang j

May 12, 2020

Hard to complete this course and quite challange..