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‘Megatrends’ heavily influence today’s organisations, industries and societies, and your ability to generate insights in this area is crucial to your organisation’s success into the future. This course will introduce you to analytical tools and skills you can use to understand, analyse and evaluate the challenges and opportunities ‘megatrends’ will inevitably bring to your organisation. Via structured learning activities you will explore how these trends can be addressed through sustainability-oriented innovation. You will be introduced to key data analytics concepts such as systems thinking, multi-level perspectives and multidisciplinary methods for envisioning futures, and apply them to specific real-world challenges you and your organisation may face. And there’ll be a focus on future-proofing skills such as teamwork, collaboration with diverse stakeholders and accounting for judgements made within ethical decision-making frameworks....



The Course give deep insight into data analytics tool (tableau) and the quiz is also really amazing. It's also beneficial if there' case study should be added.


A lot of practical skills were acquired! And also the delivery makes this course much more suitable for beginners. Highly recommended!


Business intelligence and data analytics: Generate insights: 1 - 25 / 105 レビュー

by John M G


Thank you! The course gives a nice overview of some analytical techniques applied to business settings using Tableau.

by Wasim A


Very nice for starting up on Data Visualization and basic statistics.

by Josué R Z


I really enjoy this course, this is the first time I took these materials. It would be a little bit better if were not be to focous on Tableau and use Excel for example do to not much companies has this software.

In general, it´s a great option to learn BI and Analytics.

Thank you so much!!

by Fernando P B


Muy interesante programa. Aunque parezca corto, hay concentrado mucho conocimiento conceptual y práctico con muchos ejercicios. Aconsejo después de acabarlo dedicarle otras semanas a repasar y realizar los ejercicios con otros ejemplos de datos.

by Nur S B B


I really enjoy this course, very insightful and informative. I also like the lecturer, the way he shares the knowledge is very good.

by mike


This course provides good overview on how to generate insights using Tableau.

Overall the course is well presented and structured. The assessments are useful in itself as part of the learning process.

I think that the course can provide better benefits to the learners if more explanation be given on Tableau menus and commands rather than just mimicking the instructor without understanding why certain commands or selections were used for a specific reason.

Overall the course is enjoyable and useful for beginners to Tableau.

by shane n


The course gets a little too complex towards the end, regarding demand forecasting. The reading material should be required before the mid course test. Overall the course is good, just needs some fine tuning

by Ankit M


Its a basic course, I am expecting more in-depth knowledge of Data Analytics with Tableau

by Vijaykumar H


This Course given a good insights in applying techniques in real life work expereince. I recomend others to go thorugh this course. It was very useful in enhancing Qualitative and quatitative data tools and helpful in learning detail data analysis and very much necessary for all sales and marketing professtonals.

by Viral K S


The course truly briefs and refreshes the audience with core methods & statistical tools to deliver an academic level of insight on industry data. I would rate the instructor awesome in making the content really crisp and clear.

Looking forward to learning more and thanks for this amazing coursework.

by Dhinesh A D


The course provides lot of useful insights to analyze data and produce various charts and graphs for different analysis requirements (Mangers, Domain experts and Employees). Case studies offered were highly engaging and reinforced the learning process.

by Zhamcel S P


This course is very beginner-friendly. It'll help you understand the basics of business intelligence. I also enjoyed doing the practice activities. It is definitely easy to understand from the discussions to the activities in tableau.

by Yasin M


The Course give deep insight into data analytics tool (tableau) and the quiz is also really amazing. It's also beneficial if there' case study should be added.

by Cristian V


Complete course. Easy to follow and with interesting insights as also exercises to understand Tableau and its different functionalities properly.

by Nico G


Excelente curso, muy recomendable y completo. Me acercó al mundo de la visualización de datos y me introdujo en las estadísticas básicas.

by Minh N


A lot of practical skills were acquired! And also the delivery makes this course much more suitable for beginners. Highly recommended!

by Edvaldo P d S


Eu gostei. Bastante útil para quem quer fazer uma exploratória dos dados antes de fazer algo maior com uma equipe.



Wonderful insights into the tableau. However still more information to be added for creating Dashboards

by Salma B


a very useful course ! with clarified explanations and examples ! and direct applications on tableau

by Lubana A


A great course with lots of information. loved practicing so many Tableau exercises here.

by kajal s


it was amazing to follow this course . Easy to follow the steps as a beginner

by Mudasir C


Incredible, state of the art learning environment. Top faculty. Just love it

by Kavya P


Great way to learn with concepts as well as handson experience with Tableau

by Anandinee ( C


I've learned so much throughout this course. Will definitely recommend.



Really Easy to understand & Practice session also give more knowledge.