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The Business Statistics and Analysis Capstone is an opportunity to apply various skills developed across the four courses in the specialization to a real life data. The Capstone, in collaboration with an industry partner uses publicly available ‘Housing Data’ to pose various questions typically a client would pose to a data analyst. Your job is to do the relevant statistical analysis and report your findings in response to the questions in a way that anyone can understand. Please remember that this is a Capstone, and has a degree of difficulty/ambiguity higher than the previous four courses. The aim being to mimic a real life application as close as possible....



May 22, 2020

it's one of the amazing courses I have been taking in Coursera so far with an amazing course instructor. there so many practical insights that can be achieved throughout this whole specialization.


Apr 03, 2018

This course strikes a great balance between giving guidance & giving freedom to the learner to self discover the solutions. The case study is also interesting!


Business Statistics and Analysis Capstone: 26 - 41 / 41 レビュー

by Li Y

Jul 13, 2017

Challenging tasks but worth to cracking them!

by jorge l

Jul 10, 2018

Good course. Excellent Instructor. thanks

by shaorong Z

Feb 13, 2018

Excellent Course, I have learnt a lot!

by Федор Е

May 07, 2017

Nice tasks, fair peers! :)

by Himanshu P

Jul 13, 2017

excellent content.

by Elsayed k

Jan 24, 2020

Great Course


Jul 13, 2017

Nice Course

by Khalid M B

Apr 29, 2020


by Muhammad Z M

Dec 10, 2018


by Colin P

Jun 22, 2018

Good summary of the prior 4 courses with an emphasis on linear regression models. I learned how to leverage excel for descriptive and predictive data analysis. Thanks!

by Kim K

Aug 08, 2018

Rigorous and rewarding when you put the work in.

by Sun

Mar 25, 2018

Processing data can be very slow via Excel.

by Rohan G L

Nov 27, 2017

Not nearly as informative or straightforward as the previous 4 courses in the series.

by Susannah

May 19, 2020

Absolutely no help available throughout this- nobody (especially not the professor/TAs) responds on the message board.

by James P W

Feb 17, 2019

If your using a Mac, like many do... you will be frustrated, the amount of work around is significant. Not worth the trouble.