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Eating patterns that begin in childhood affect health and well-being across the lifespan. The culture of eating has changed significantly in recent decades, especially in parts of the world where processed foods dominate our dietary intake. This course examines contemporary child nutrition and the impact of the individual decisions made by each family. The health risks associated with obesity in childhood are also discussed. Participants will learn what constitutes a healthy diet for children and adults and how to prepare simple, delicious foods aimed at inspiring a lifelong celebration of easy home-cooked meals. This course will help prepare participants to be the leading health providers, teachers and parents of the present and future.The text and other material in this course may include the opinion of the specific instructor and are not statements of advice, endorsement, opinion, or information of Stanford University....




Amazing how much I learned watching videos with all the exact words. Not only about nutrition, but about our planet and how to take care of it. Also very inspiring for having ideas for foods for kids.



very useful and practical course.. it boosts my positive energy to cook more and more in healthy way for my baby coz much love=much healthy.. It inspired me, it's very simple , easy and very healthy..


Child Nutrition and Cooking: 801 - 825 / 2,659 レビュー

by Nguyen T T


I gained information on how to cook balanced meals, and also learned the thinking for sustainable development.

by Natalie m


more recipies will be highly appreciated with written list of ingredients so that it will be easier to record.

by eleonora s r


fascinante. Bastante Completo para todo lo que abarca. l lenguaje usado es fácil de entender. Muchas Gracias.

by Leung T T O


I like it very much. Both the self peace study and course material. I can control myself. Very Good course !!!

by Ariadne


This course was very informative and the subjects were explained in a clear manner. The recipes are great too!

by angelina c


Dr. Adam is a very passionate and engaging educator. I learned new information and insights from this course.

by Dytrisha


This was very interesting I enjoyed each week. I challenge myself to try these healthy recipes for my family.

by Victoria M


Excelente curso, aprendí muchísimas cosas, como comer conscientemente y cómo quitar tabúes de la alimentación

by Yasmina y g


I love the course and the professor. I have learn a lot on how to teach my children healthy eating. thank you

by Rosaura A A J


This is a course that teaches us how to cook in a much healthier way, as well as learn concepts of nutrition.

by Denis S


Very useful data(information) for everyone!!Lest try to give to our children more natural and healthier food.

by Miranda B


Great course with very easy to follow kids friendly videos! My boys and I enjoyed taking this class together.

by Juliana


Great course for everyone who wants to learn more about healthy eating and how to promote it to your children

by Hala d


Very nice information and very important

The exams were easy and useful

And l was encouraged to study online

by Alice P


Great course! I learned a lot, at a good pace. It's very understandable and fun! I recommend you take it :)

by Priya G


Extremely informative and inspiring. I loved that it also included a section on our role to the environment.

by David M


I believe that every person should to take this course, because nutrition is a fundamental part of the life.

by Sergio G


Easy explained, this course should be a MUST for every parent interested in their child nutrition.


by 陶娜


This course is so lively and interesting! That explains are intuition and easy to understand the curriculum

by Andrea R


​A fun, light-hearted course that aims to help you be more knowledgeable when it comes to feeding children!

by Maria F


I loved this class, I lot of good information and easier simple recipes to make.

Maya is a amazing teacher.

by Jessika D


It was amazing to learn so many Health facts and learning Nutritional Recipes.

I had a wonderful experience!

by Stefania


excelente y practico para todas las madres o personas que estecen relacionadas con la alimentacion de niños

by Dalba E C


Excelente!! como Nutricionista que atiene niños me encantó, sobretodo el enfoque de moderación.


by Michelle B


Excellent course! Instructor was motivational, covered a variety of topics concerning health and nutrition.