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Eating patterns that begin in childhood affect health and well-being across the lifespan. The culture of eating has changed significantly in recent decades, especially in parts of the world where processed foods dominate our dietary intake. This course examines contemporary child nutrition and the impact of the individual decisions made by each family. The health risks associated with obesity in childhood are also discussed. Participants will learn what constitutes a healthy diet for children and adults and how to prepare simple, delicious foods aimed at inspiring a lifelong celebration of easy home-cooked meals. This course will help prepare participants to be the leading health providers, teachers and parents of the present and future.The text and other material in this course may include the opinion of the specific instructor and are not statements of advice, endorsement, opinion, or information of Stanford University....



Sep 17, 2017

very useful and practical course.. it boosts my positive energy to cook more and more in healthy way for my baby coz much love=much healthy.. It inspired me, it's very simple , easy and very healthy..


Oct 07, 2015

This course is immensely informative, as well as fun! I loved the way Maya made things simple, with diagrams to accompany all of the the nutrition information. I hope she does more courses like these!


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by Andrej M

Aug 24, 2015

Thank you very much for nice work, big effort and open my mind. Thank you so much

by Leung T T O

Mar 28, 2016

I like it very much. Both the self peace study and course material. I can control myself. Very Good course !!!

by Jurica O

Jun 11, 2016

Informative, clear and simple :-)


Sep 25, 2015

My favourite course in Coursera! I was really surprised by this course. It’s a pleasant learning opportunity for people who want the best for their kids and it helps to promote healthy eating habits in their homes. Maya is an excellent teacher and all the staff made an wonderful job. Thank you for the opportunity!

by Rossen D

Jan 05, 2016

Great Course. Easy to understand and follow.

by Jessica J

Aug 12, 2016

This course was very educational. Maya was great at explaining healthy foods and ingredients that her own family uses at home. I was incorporating her suggestions while taking this course. I'm working to include less processed foods and more fresh fruits and veggies in my families diet. I even started to make fruit/veg smoothies for my 8 year old daughter instead of buying her the 100 % juice I bought in the store as a way to provide her with more vegetables in her diet as well as less processed food. Great course! I will be looking for more courses to take that include Maya and her wonderful children.

by Jewel N

Nov 18, 2015

This was a wonderful course, very detailed and the meals turn out just the way she say they would, healthy and tasty.

by Suneeta B

Nov 01, 2016

Very simple to follow and nice course. My only issue was, that Doc Maya's voice is so nice, and soothing that I often had to watch myself from falling asleep. No offence meant, it is supposed to be a complement. :)

by Martha L

Jan 17, 2016

Very informative, helpful, and easy to follow and understand course. I've recommended this course to many parents.

by Elsa M I A

Mar 18, 2016

Thanks a lot Maya, I am cooking your recipes and my famly love them. I adjust them to ingredients in my country, I from Peru. The knowledge is great to complement my work. I am a doctor, i got a certified speciality from ACSM, so the course is important for my family and my patients. Greetings.

by Denis S

Feb 17, 2017

Very useful data(information) for everyone!!Lest try to give to our children more natural and healthier food.

by Josiane A

Feb 23, 2016

Excellent! Simple language, many nice recipes and a lot of useful information.

by Valentyna K

Feb 08, 2016

Really easy and useful. Thank you very much

by José A L P

Dec 24, 2015

It's a great course for parents looking for some nutrition advice for their children

by Daria N

Oct 04, 2015

Thank you so much for this easy, beautifully illustrated simple presentation of nutrition basics and lovely recipes!

by Marcus S

Oct 17, 2016

I'm halfway through the videos and other resources. bravo!

by Ashelba K

Dec 08, 2015

This course should be mandated for high school students. Awasome !

by Veronica G V

Jun 09, 2016

easy and friendly, full of great information for any people how is interested en have better habits

by Victor W

Sep 17, 2016

Absolutely informative course, super well explained and nice to study. Loved it!

by Flora S

Oct 25, 2015

interesting, informative

by Cashmere J

Feb 23, 2016

Love the simple tricks and tips to get the children eating healthier. The recipes were a big hit too!

by Natalia O O

Nov 09, 2015

I loved this course.

It was easy and the personality of the teacher was so soft. I liked it and her too.

Thank you very much.

by Karin C

May 11, 2017

I am currently a stay-at-home parent and this course really helps me to understand more about the food I am preparing for my little one. Looking forward to more of such courses!

by María d C L L

Jan 18, 2016

Un curso realmente bueno sobre nutrición infantil. Lo recomiendo a todas las madres. Es ameno, fácil de seguir y muy completo. Anima a meterse en la cocina para dar una buena alimentación a los peques y con ello cuidar su salud actual y futura.

by Lynnette T S

Oct 04, 2015

It is very helpful and informative, especially for moms like me. I hope there will be more like these. Thank you Maya.