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西安交通大学(Xi'an Jiaotong University) による 中国哲学经典著作导读 の受講者のレビューおよびフィードバック



这是一个全球化、信息化、快餐化的时代;全球化拷问着人们的文化根基,信息化拷问着人们的价值信仰,快餐化拷问着人们的经典阅读。 民族的就是世界的。为继承弘扬中华文化传统,我们特意打造这门课,希冀提供一个阅读哲学经典、传承中国文化、铸造民族精神的平台,让中国文化走向世界、走向未来。 本课分十个专题,分别介绍《周易》、孔子《论语》、老子《道德经》,《大学》与《中庸》,《庄子》,《孙子兵法》,《墨经》,《心经》,以及朱熹理学、王阳明《传习录》等著作和人物的思想。既有对儒释道经典的介绍,也有对理学、心学思想的阐释,以期以一种更广阔的视角看待中国传统哲学,让学生能够对中国传统哲学有一种全方位的认识。 课程大纲 第一章 《周易》导读 第二章 《道德经》导读 第三章 《论语》导读 第四章 《大学》《中庸》导读 第五章 《孙子兵法》导读 第六章 《墨经》导读 第七章 《心经》导读 第八章 《庄子》导读 第九章 朱熹理学相关著作导读 第十章 《传习录》导读...



Jul 22, 2016

I learnt a lot and have enjoyed the course. Than you all the teachers!


Dec 04, 2018



中国哲学经典著作导读: 51 - 59 / 59 レビュー

by Fok s k

Feb 22, 2016

A little boring. Some lecturers did not deliver a good presentation and some "philosophical masterpiece" are not practical at all.

by hitanya

Apr 16, 2020


by Cissy Z

Dec 11, 2016

This serves well as a basic intro but not for people who are looking for a deeper dive.

by 范鹏云

Feb 23, 2016


by Ping Z

Sep 27, 2016

Some profs are very good, some are terrible. The terrible ones need to improve their teaching skills and even language skills. As a native Chinese speaker, I find some of the lectures very boring.

Good lectures are clear, concise, and right to the point.

Good teachers make the learning experience effortless and fun, poor teachers make it like a torture.

by Menghan Y

Sep 10, 2015

Really far from the courses by NTU...quite disappointed.

by Liu C

Jan 30, 2016


by Shawn L

Feb 20, 2018

As a native Chinese, i knew more or less a little bit of Chinese classic works. but in this MOOC: there is no critique, the tutor granted Chinese classic works good; there is no academic attitude, the tutor referred "comments on the works" from quite a lot famous western thinkers, philosophers, unbelievable they didn't verify the genuineness of the comments, which is just low-esteemed Chinese folks invented to make themselves feel better; tutor also refer fictitious novelty as evidence on Sun military thoughts.

by Jia M

Apr 17, 2017

Bad course. Things mentioned by the instructors are naive. According to my knowledge (my knowledge about Chinese philosophy come from A History of Chinese Philosophy, Youlan Feng; History of Chinese Philosophy, Sze-kwang Lao), that is not Chinese philosophy at all.