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ヤド・ヴァシェム(Yad Vashem) による Chosen Issues in Holocaust History の受講者のレビューおよびフィードバック


The Holocaust - what do we know about it and what more can we learn? This course provides a broad and in-depth look at central topics relating to the history of the Holocaust. It examines the events and processes that took place during these earth-shattering years through new and thought-provoking perspectives....

Chosen Issues in Holocaust History: 1 - 4 / 4 レビュー

by Simon E C


An outstanding course compiled by experts who are committed to teaching and sharing their extensive knowledge.The course presentation and methodology of sharing the subject matter can only be described as SUPERB.

by Richard J M


THANK YOU to all instructors, Coursera, and all involved in making this valuable course available. Rick

by Vitalina V


A lot of interesting material there is in this course. Especially interviews with witnesses were very heartbreaking. Each instructor in this course are great. Highly recommend learning history of the Holocaust with them. But also I would like advice for creators of this course to add tests and quizzes. Such tasks help to remember and understand more and then check your knowledge and your progress. By the way about progress. This course doesn't support certificate or grades and because of it you can not complete this course like another one. It will be In progress column, even if you watched each video and did all exercises. Nonetheless, "Chosen Issues in Holocaust History" will be a great experience for history lover.

by Travis H


Good course. Sadly I'm not able to seem to gain my certificate despite paying for it. Course won't move from the "in-progress" to the "completed" portion.