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Chronic pain is at epidemic levels and has become the highest-cost condition in health care. This course uses evidence-based science with creative and experiential learning to better understand chronic pain conditions and how they can be prevented through self-management in our cognitive, behavioral, physical, emotional, spiritual, social, and environmental realms. The goal of this course is to blend creative, experiential, and evidence-based teaching strategies to help participants understand chronic pain conditions and how a human systems approach can be applied to self-management strategies to reduce risk factors, enhance protective factors, and prevent chronic pain. There are four major objectives to the course; 1. Describe the prevalence, personal impact, and health care dilemma associated with chronic pain. 2. Recognize the clinical characteristics and underlying etiology of several common pain conditions and the peripheral, central, and genetic mechanisms of chronic pain 3. Based on the literature associated with risk and protective factors in the seven realms of our lives, learn specific strategies in each realm that can be employed daily to prevent chronic pain and enhance wellness. 4. Appreciate the value of a human systems approach to health care and how it can provide a basis for integrative, interdisciplinary, and individualized care to preventing pain and enhancing wellness. CONTINUING EDUCATION CREDIT Health Care Professionals Health care professionals who participate in this CE activity may submit this certificate statement of participation to their appropriate accrediting organizations or state boards for consideration of credit. The participant is responsible for determining whether this activity meets the requirements for acceptable continuing education. Email your Coursera certificate statement of completion to your appropriate organization....




This course has also made me self aware of my risk factors and how to improve my acute pain before it becomes chronic. It was very informative and rich in details and tools. Thank you.



very interesting perpective for both patients and healthcare workers- Once again highlighting the need for interprofessional teamwork that centers around the individual patient


Preventing Chronic Pain: A Human Systems Approach: 26 - 50 / 107 レビュー

by Hernandez G


Barely took two months to find the answers to so many questions and to understand; what was I fighting against thought out this two last decades. Now I have some tools to implement new ways of coping.

Thank you, for the incredible effort to educate us. I wish more people will take advantage of this mooc.

by Bernhard M


This is an excellent introduction to the field of chronic pain. It's not all you might want to know about pain, but it's either a good start or a good addition to other efforts to learn about the topic and I'd definitely recommend to give this a try.



Excelente el curso, muy bien sistematizado y con un aporte de literatura regular.

Sugiero: - mayores referencias bibliográficas (pdf)

Mejorar la sistematización de los cuestionarios (mucho uso de la negación en las preguntas)

by Carrol L


I really enjoyed Preventing Chronic Pain: A Human Sysyems Approach. The information was invaluable and relative. I learned a lot about Myofascia and Orofascia Pain. Thank you Dr. Friction for presenting an outstanding course on chronic pain

by Cat C


This course was both academically fascinating and also very helpful in my personal circumstances. I recommend it to healthcare professionals, any kind of wellness specialist, and people who are struggling with chronic pain themselves.

by Ariane M


Absolutely love this course. It is directly relevant to the students I see as a yoga teacher, student of PT and seeing my body age as well. I look forward to many many more courses like this. Thank you Coursera!!!!



Excellent course. This should be taught in undergraduate medical and allied health courses. Then probably we can see a change in the health care in the future and start implementing transformational change,

by K. S


I learned a great deal from this course, and applaud James Fricton and his team of medical professionals who all contributed their expertise and time in this generous opportunity to heal while learning.

by Pradip M


A very thorough discourse. All aspects have been covered. I can only hope that what has been accomplished here is more widely accepted & practiced. This course is too important to dismiss lightly.

by Lisa L


This course has also made me self aware of my risk factors and how to improve my acute pain before it becomes chronic. It was very informative and rich in details and tools. Thank you.

by JDeJong


very interesting perpective for both patients and healthcare workers- Once again highlighting the need for interprofessional teamwork that centers around the individual patient

by Nita A


I found this course interesting and topical. The readings were well produced and added value to the course. The video's were presented well and included lots of information

by Georges F


This is an excellent and thorough course on how to manage chronic pain holistically, extremely satisfied and I highly recommended it to friends interested in this field.

by Ann M B


Powerful course, great information from a wide variety of sources covering many of the common chronic conditions. The emphasis on self care is really well promoted

by Anne M J


Good for a healthcare provider like me. Would recommend to any one with chronic pain to enroll and learn from this course. Would be really beneficial.

by Kamila Ś


An excellent, complete course that changed my view on how to live with fibromyalgia and severe chronic pain. Thank you very much for this group effort.

by Dom A


This program is helping me understand chronic pain better than I could from studying for years! I'm positive that this will make me a better provider.

by Cecile H


An excellent continuing education course for those who are health professionals interested in chronic pain. In depth material providing good value.

by Nicola J


I found this course very effective in helping me manage my persistent pain. The advice and self-help techniques were very illuminating.

by Carol S


Very informative! Lots of food for thought as a patient....need to redo the lessons again to fully digest it all. Well worth your time!

by Luis R H S O


it was amazng,. i learned loths of new concpets in matter of chronic pain and contraste them with acupuncture treatments therapies

by Marcella F


Comprehensive, though provoking, educational. Alternative treatment modalities with positive outcomes identified.

by Mansoor A


The course is very effective and has done justice to incorporarion of integrative medicine in pain management.

by Akeyo N


The course was eye opening for me. My experience of life changed the moment I registered for this course.

by Gabriela O


Very good course, I learned a lot and I'm definetly going to use those informations on my daily life