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アムステルダム大学(University of Amsterdam) による Classical Sociological Theory の受講者のレビューおよびフィードバック



This Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) will offer the participants an introduction into the most important classical sociological readings between the 18th and 20th century. Highly influential social science scholars, such as Karl Marx, Max Weber and Emile Durkheim, will be discussed during 8 sessions. Combined with small tests, based on the video’s and recommended readings, the participants will be encouraged to dive deeply into the complex texts and get familiar with classical sociological concepts that are still very relevant today....




Simple,neat and interesting way of explaining the content. Didn't get bored. Good refreshment if you already know the stuff and good introduction if you are new to sociology. Professor is really nice.



This is a course which helps you understand the origin of Sociology. The content of this course includes all the sociologists who played a great role, also the lectures are delivered in a superb way.


Classical Sociological Theory : 601 - 625 / 675 レビュー

by Emil


Done it.

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by Basel


Leuk :)

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by Jessie v S


This was a very nice course! The professor is great: his approach and storytelling makes you excited about the material. However, the time indication of the reading is unrealistically short, which means you spend more time on the reading than expected. Secondly, the questions are re-used throughout the course which makes it less intellectually challenging. Nevertheless, there are just minor remarks. All in all, it is a very interesting course and I would recommend it to anyone who would like to achieve a sound but quick basis of the discipline of classical sociology.

by Jennie v d B


Good overview of some classic sociological theorists and the professor is very engaging. But it's a very Western-focused course. The course does not includes a single person of color or female-identified sociologist, and all of the sociologists featured are white European men from the 18th to 20th centuries. There are many other sociologists in history from all over the world that could have been featured.

by Matthew P


I really enjoyed this course. I am completely new to the social sciences and I learned a lot. The instructor is a great teacher who explains ideas carefully. His enthusiasm for the subject is infectious and inspiring. The optional answers for the quiz questions are sometimes very close. It was challenging to pass the quizzes. I look forward to the next instalment: Modern Sociological Theory.



Good summary of the forerunners of sociology and of Classical Sociological Theorists. I would have personally selected Georg Simmel ahead of Norbert Elias for this list, also Herbert Spencer and Vilfredo Pareto seem to have gone out of fashion but were important in their day. I look forward to the Contemporary Sociological Theory promised folllow up.

by Emily C


Interesting content that gives you a great introduction into classical sociology. The professor is clear and the videos are very concise and easy to follow. The only downfall is the reading sources are sometimes hard to find, hence I didn't manage to read everything suggested, however this didn't stop me from passing the course so it isn't a big deal.

by Aasupal P S


A fascinating course in which one could learn not only about sociology whereas this course took the matter of concerns from various and similar subjects such as psychology, political science as well. The deadline for the final test could have been extended that will further make it easier for the students who enroll in this course hereafter.

by Rou B


The writings of the classical sociologists mostly were not accessible (i.e - you need to pay for them). Please, pay more attention to this fact in the overview or somewhere else, so the student might know what to do in this situation. Or, at least explain what is the alternative reading actually.

Other than that, a very nice course!

by Bhukya S


Better way to just start off things by having a deep sight of the classical sociological thinkers and their way of experiencing the world in order to attain a better understanding on society. This course will definitely help you, if you are really passionate to learn this humanity course.

by reneryu


The content of this course is very good to cover some greatest thinkers in human history. It is important to know them and their thoughts to understand the society and oneself. One thing could be improved is the exercises. They're repeative and fail to inspire me.

by Varaprad p


Good brief course which covers the core of the thought of the thinkers contained therein. Its short length is a limitation but the instructor is very good at reducing it in essence as well as simplifying the more difficult parts without omitting anything. Cheers!

by Marcus W


Great lectures with clear explanations and illustrations. Well chosen readings. Extremely interesting topics. Some of the quiz questions were ambiguous, particularly ones that asked students to pick the quotes that best represent a particular idea.

by José G J S


In my opinion was a good curse, but I have two claims:

1) I couldn't access the course texts. Opptional literature was fine, but couldn't replace the texts.

2) Some classes are not subtitled in Spanish, the course description is wrong at this point.

by Myroslav K


The course is really good and the professor explain through a lot of examples

The only difficult thing was to understand sociological texts. If your English is not perfect I think it will be really difficult and the text formatting doesn't help

by Edward R


The course states that the readings each week take just ten minutes but this is not the case. They take betweentwo and five hours. Sometimes it can be difficult to do the readings and stay on track. Otherwise the course is very good.