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This 7-week course provides you with key strategies to help understand the foundation of Clinical Simulations. During each module, you will learn about 7 key components of Clinical Simulation Across the Health Professions and its' impact in your current position as a healthcare professional. Please utilize all of the Resources provided by each of the modules to support and enhance your understanding of each concept. You will learn about the following topics in this course: Module 1: Getting Started in Clinical Simulation-the Fundamentals Module 2: INACSL Standards of Best Practice: Simulation Module 3: Implementing Simulation in the Curriculum Module 4: Developing a Simulation Center Module 5: Basics of Debriefing in Simulation Module 6: Evaluation Methods in Simulation Module 7: SPs in Simulation About The George Washington University School of Nursing Ranked among the top nursing schools by U.S. News & World Report, the George Washington University School of Nursing educates and inspires nurses to provide high-quality, compassionate person-centered health care. The school develops leaders actively engaged in health promotion, patient advocacy and healthcare innovation, and prepares exceptional nurse educators who pursue quality and advance the profession. The School of Nursing is committed to improving the health and wellbeing of people and communities locally, nationally and globally. The school values lifelong learning and its students advance nursing practice, leadership and education as they make a difference in the world. For more in-depth simulation education, please see the GW Nursing Simulation Initiatives.




I found the course easy to follow and fit in to a busy work schedule. It gave me insight in how to incorporate simulation into my teaching and the importance of following standards of best practice.



This was a great course to familiarize myself to the process of simulation. I appreciate all the details and components of the process that help to make simulation such a great learning methodology.


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by Robyn M


This was an excellent course! It was well developed and informative. It helped me realize what I may be lacking as an educator in simulation and how to continue offering and provide more offerings based on Standards of Best Practice. Thank-you!

by Gloria M


This was an excellent course. With my current employer, I realize there is a lot of information we need to discuss in order to build our Simulation Program. When learning about SPs, that may need to occur later due to limited staff resources.

by Timothy F


Very comprehensive and indepth SIM Program development and training aspects. The course was professionally presented and well assessed in the quiz design. Thank you for this robust introduction to Clinical Simulations! Best, Tim Frank MSN RN

by Nicole S


I love the different methods provided for all learners. This was a great experience and I look forward to taking more courses with your company do to this. I also liked the use of different instructors everyweek from different areas as well.

by cheri O


This was an excellent course. The videos, discussion forums, and quizzes were clear, organized, and beneficial. I have a much better understanding of simulation and how to institute different learning methods into our simulation program.

by Della A


This was a great course. Gave me resources to go further with my simulation training and ideas. Gave me guidance to improve my simulations with design, implementation, debriefing and evaluation. Thank you for making this available.

by Jillian H


This was great! I have accessibility factors and it was very user friendly. I really like how the questions that we had to respond to created adapt beyond answering questions like a test . Great work and thank you for this!

by Rajat S


The course is written with great care and can be understood by people who are new to this field of simulation in healthcare. I really enjoyed the course and the knowledge received is priceless. Thank you all.

by Mary A


Very helpful information. It really helped me understand my role as faculty.facilitator of learning and the promotion of the students' learning process plus the evaluation of their clinical application.

by Rhena W


I found the course easy to follow and fit in to a busy work schedule. It gave me insight in how to incorporate simulation into my teaching and the importance of following standards of best practice.

by Karen H


This course reviews foundational concepts of simulation, its uses, accreditation topics and evaluation. I recommend it for those interested in pursuing the use of simulation at their institution.

by Kathleen M D


Excellent course with relevant content, great advice on managing simulation programs, and thoughtful questions to make the student think about how best to implement evidence-based simulation.

by Susanne K


Found the course very informative. I especially liked the sections on debriefing. I'm always looking to improve on my debriefing skills because it is so important.

Thank you!

by Dr. V B K


It is a great experience to be a part of this course. All the sessions are made with perfection, and the participants can feel, as if the sessions are being conducted live

by Cynthia F


This course was very thorough but basic enough for a beginner to understand. I enjoyed it. It gave me a lot to reflect upon concerning our simulation program. Thank you!

by Shirley W B


This was a very informative course on clinical simulation. The SP was the most difficult, having no experience. I hope this would be a long-range goal for our program.

by Jennifer E S


Provides great resources and information essential to simulation. I recommend all faculty involved in simulation participate in the self-paced education opportunity.

by Collene T


Great course!

Some of the web links and references did not work. I could not access the information that I was supposed to . This course covered everything in detail!

by Tamara M


This was an excellent course I learned so much about simulation and improvements that I need to make in my practice. Thank you so much for the opportunity to learn!

by Susan H


Wonderful presentation with an abundance of information that I will be able to utilize as we build our simulation center! I am very thankful for this opportunity!

by Ami B


An excellent course for healthcare simulation educators! This course provides so many resources and ideas for development and improvement of simulation centers.

by Ashley M B


I learned so much. Simulations practice could be done with healthcare or business. I cant wait to add this to my resume for job opportunity. Thanks a lot!!!!

by Karen J D


Great course! Great helps and information! Provided guidance and overall knowledge towards my doctoral research on simulation in nursing education. Thank you!

by colleen m


Very Informative and thought provoking. In one module, unable to access simulation links which made that content difficult to review. Otherwise useful course.

by Catalina I R


Excellent guide to develop a simulation program, from beginners to advanced. Excellent and highly capable speakers. Thanks for the opportunity to meet them.