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The workplace is more diverse than ever before. As the world population grows and our connectivity increases, it is common to work alongside colleagues from different generations, life experiences, cultures, genders, orientations, and religions. The increased diversity coupled with the shift toward remote and hybrid work environments means it's more critical than ever to develop appropriate communication strategies and practices. This course will teach you to identify and adapt your own communication style to not only increase team productivity, but also build bridges with colleagues from all backgrounds. By the end of this course, you will be able to: 1.Identify your own communication style 2. Describe methods to increase effective communication 3. Discuss how changing demographics affect workplace communication 4. Differentiate between the five working generations and their communication preferences 5. Identify the communication benefits of different work environments, such as in-person, virtual, or hybrid 6. Discuss effective techniques for communicating with a diverse workforce 7. Implement a flexing communication strategy to better communicate with one’s workplace team...




I learned new strategies to effectively communicate with peers, direct reports, and executives. This same strategy I can also use in communicating with other people besides the people you work with.



The content of the course was good. Lectures were effective which iincluded joint discussions. . I especially liked the last statement after every lecture "where ever you maybe have a great time"


Communication in the 21st Century Workplace: 501 - 525 / 560 レビュー

by Son N D


Study materials are not really useful because of links to many other sites and courses

by William P


It's a bit hard to answer the quiz since the presentation is not speaking about the qu

by Stephen R


It wasn't challenging but more irrelevant to what I'd guess is a lot of "workplaces"

by Mohamed R


the course is not that strong when it comes to communicating with direct reports .

by James K


the lecture notes isn't complete. some just have the graphics and no words at all

by Lin D


speak speed is little bit too quick, difficult for non-english speaking student

by Stefan V


Ok course. Well tught, but overall I prefer more business related classes.

by aman g


Has good collection of resources for improvement of communication skills

by Satyanand K


Slides needs to have more info rather than just pictures mostly

by Angela


Gives just enough info. Great, but I wish it was more detailed.

by Vanshika T


Most articles were paid for which hindered learning process

by Abdul R M


The tests was so difficult to identify the answers.

by Md S H


This course is a must do for corporate lifestyles.

by kristen h


materials/lectures are brief and could go deeper.

by Hong J


It is basic course with simple information

by Maha Q


t​he video quality needs an updated

by Mustafa


I need access to the quizzes

by Sunil S G


Nice and Useful Course

by aula s


Thank you so much

by Yawovi A


Quite nice course

by Sanaullah K Q K ( D - P K






by Finn O


While the information in the course was extremely helpful, and the examples were solid and very memorable, the quizzes were absolutely atrocious. Many times I selected answers that I had been informed by the course instructor during the course, as a correect answer, and got told it was incorrect, because a "more correct" option was present (despite each option being equally correct!). Rather than being representative of how I understood the coursework, and giving me opportunity to use and challenge that understanding, the quizzes depended too much on knowing what precisely the instructor was thinking -- which reduced passing down to interative guesswork.

The content was worth it, and I have reams of notes. I just can't recommmend this course, because of the quizzes.

by Mara L


There were definitely useful situational analyses and tools applicable to communication and conflict resolution in 2022, but a lot of the material, in my opinion is outdated and almost unrealistic in today's 21st Covid-Century Workplace. Some of the articles included dated back to 2006, 2013 and were about focused on 'communication and technology', comparing workplace and technology in 2013 to 2022 feels quite distant.

I​ would love to retake this course if it is updated to reflect the workplace and communication of 2022. Which includes pandemic, innovation and technology impact, diversity in the workplace and the need to better understand and address cultural, race, gender, sexual to generational differences in the workplace.

by Michael G L


Good material. However, the quizzes are short and do not reflect the material well. The quizzes are poorly worded and even looking through the lecture transcripts and those links which are not behind a pay wall or broke, can not be found. Multiple answers are actually correct. You have to make your best guess. Then, you have to wait 8 hours to make your next best guess. Tedious and waste of time. No feedback is given on the quiz answers either. How can you learn the material if it is not explained in quiz feedback? If this was important enough to put on the quiz, an explanation is owed to the student on the answer. What is the point of this course? To teach or to be hard to slow down progress?