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This course uses comparative analysis of health care systems to gain a better understanding of health care systems in several high-income, middle-income and low-income countries. One focus of analysis in this course will therefore be to develop a better knowledge of these health care systems. A second focus will be to use to this analysis to gain a better understanding of the health care system in the United States. This analysis is relevant for those who are directly interested in the United States, but it is also relevant for those students who are seeking to enhance knowledge of the health care systems in their home countries by gaining a better understanding of the United States’ health care system. A comparative analysis of health systems will help managers and health care professionals who are responsible for optimizing organizational outcomes by improving the quality of health care and simultaneously reducing the costs of health care. The course will use of a combination of the World Health Organization building blocks framework along with theories of complex systems to establish a framework to compare health systems in a number of high-income, middle-income, and low-income countries. This analysis will develop the capacity of managers to critically evaluate relationships between their organizations and the broader set of interactions between the building blocks that make up particular health care systems....



Great course! Excellent learnings and overview as well as comparison to other healthcare systems around the world.


Thank you very much i have learned a lot of new information from this course


Comparative Health Systems: 1 - 15 / 15 レビュー



Great course! Good pacing, the videos are well divided in a way that isn't tiring. I also enjoyed the questions before the video with the answer. It made me think, instead of just watching and learning what was being said. I also loved the first video, where the professor suggested us to do a self-assessment. I learned a lot and was very motivated to watch the next video, because they were interesting. The professor is amazing and organized and the content is engaging. Thank you very much!

by Yang L


Great course! I learned about different health systems in terms of finance, governance, care delivery, pharmaceuticals, and workforce. The approaches adopted by different countries to achieve universal health coverage are amazing. The course would help me practice in another country after completing my professional doctorate degree in the US. Understanding the basic building blocks and the intermediate health care goals(access, quality, cost) is important for starting a new care service.

by Stephen B


Excellent introduction and information from this class and professor. I could not have taken this class at a better time, in the middle of the epic 2020 pandemic. Thanks for waking me up from/to my "safe-at home" slumber.

by James S


great review of very different health care systems, how they came to be what they are, how well they function and where they are going

by Tony W


Great course! Excellent learnings and overview as well as comparison to other healthcare systems around the world.

by Mukhtar K


Thank you very much i have learned a lot of new information from this course

by Isha S


Very interesting course and a really good instructor.

by Randy M


Very interesting and well-presented course.

by Robert B S M


Great couse!...thanks!...

by Mark R D


Very informative course.

by Tonya S W


Thank you

by Alfred L


The professor was passionate and knowledgeable and had the unenviable task of disseminating a lot of information in a short period of time. I would suggest to increase the size of the charts for easier viewing.

by Mark B


Very good course. I would just add more opportunities for comparison and options to ask questions and learn more.

by Joy S


interesting. fits well with the other courses in this series