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During the course, you’ll learn everything needed to participate in real competitions — that’s the main goal. Along the way you’ll also gain useful skills for which competitive programmers are so highly valued by employers: ability to write efficient, reliable, and compact code, manage your time well when it’s limited, apply basic algorithmic ideas to real problems, etc. We start from the very beginning by teaching you what competitions there are, what are their rules, what specifics problems have, how to read problem statements, how to organize your work, and what you should and shouldn’t do. So it’s fine if you’ve never taken part in programming competitions before. We’ll focus on skills essential to competitive programming: inventing solutions and proving their correctness, estimating their running time, testing and debugging programs, how to benefit from structuring code. We’ll also cover basic algorithmic ideas: brute force search, dynamic programming, greedy algorithms, segment trees. On competitions, there are a lot of specific pitfalls, perilous to beginners — but that’s not to worry, as we’ll go through the most common of them: integer overflow and issues with fractional numbers, troubles of particular programming languages, how to get unstuck in general. And, you’ll hone all these skills by solving practice problems, which are just like problems on real competitions. You could use any of the following programming languages: C, C++, C#, Haskell, Java, JavaScript, Python 2, Python 3, Ruby, Rust, Scala. We assume that you already know how to write simplest programs in one of these....



A very informative and detailed course on competitive programming . A perfect course for a beginner to begin with . Grateful to tutors and the material they presented.


The Course covers all basic topics that are essential for partiticipating in competitions. The discussion forum is very useful and the instructors give prompt replies.


Competitive Programmer's Core Skills: 51 - 55 / 55 レビュー

by 2K19/MC/111 S K S


Not Bad

by Anuj P



by Bohdan S


Очень средний курс, который я бы не стал рекомендовать ни начинающим, ни бывалым программистам. Конечно, материал подобран хорошо и затрагиваются довольно важные темы, но подача материала идет на очень посредственном уровне. Произношение инструкторов хоть и можно понять без особых проблем, но из-за отсутствия изменения интонации и просто монотонного начитывания с экрана делает просмотр курса еще тем контестом. Когда инструкторы монотонно начинают зачитывать формулы, то хочется просто закрыть вкладку. Для многих проблем не хватает хороших визуализаций из-за чего приходилось искать на ютубе нормальное видео с пояснением, как, например, в дп будет заполнятся таблица. Многие проблемы в практических заданиях оторваны от лекционных материалов. В итоге большинство задач нужно гуглить. В общем, в курсе затрагиваются довольно важные темы, но подача материала убивает всю идею.

by Hridya N


English was really hard to understand and the method of counting is also different from what I have learnt somehow... This was an overall frustrating course for me. Sorry to the instructors for providing all the content but I really have gained much from this.

by Nour N


I don't like it