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This course offers an introduction to the U.S. Constitution and landmark Supreme Court cases interpreting it. It explores the Constitution’s origins, its amendment over the years, and methods of constitutional interpretation. Topics include the nature and structure of the federal government, the powers of the federal government, and individual rights....



Jul 22, 2017

Professor does a great job and in explaining the complexities. He does not take any partisan stand and does a great job and giving prominence to all sides of the argument. Enjoyed the course throughly


Jun 21, 2020

This course was very didactic and easy to understand. I liked the way that the different theories about each subject were presented, allowing me to build my own opinion and perspective on each matter.


Introduction to Key Constitutional Concepts and Supreme Court Cases: 151 - 175 / 219 レビュー

by joanna k

Sep 19, 2017

very informative and thought provoking .

by Jonny J

Feb 07, 2017

great easy course beneficial for anyone.

by Dutch M G

Aug 29, 2020

Thought provoking and very informative

by Sebastian G

Dec 01, 2017

Well delivered and easy to understand!

by Ilanka

Aug 28, 2018

Great introductory course! Thank you!

by Fernando P

May 29, 2018

Excellent Course! Highly recommended


Oct 26, 2016

amazing and fun learning experience

by Monal R M

Dec 22, 2018

Great course. Fascinating topic!

by Giorgi G

Apr 09, 2020

Very good lectures and lecturer.

by Maheen G

Jun 29, 2020

Great experience with Coursera!

by Kiran P

Oct 03, 2019

excellent course best professor

by María E P

Sep 04, 2019

Excellent! Thank you very much

by Kent B B

Jul 01, 2017

great out the weeds discussion

by Jens S

Jun 08, 2016

Amazing !

Thank you very much !

by Augusto J S E

May 09, 2019

Awesome course, thanks a lot!


Mar 09, 2019

Very informative, and useful


Aug 18, 2020

A very interesting course.

by Nguyen H B

Dec 26, 2017

Very comprehensive course.

by Rômulo M

Aug 13, 2020

It`s an excellent course!

by Vaibhav S

Mar 31, 2020

very informative course

by Латыпов Е В

Aug 17, 2019

A very nice lector!

by Richard H

Apr 09, 2018

One of my favorite.

by motaz i

Nov 07, 2016

thanks teacher ! :)

by Erich Y

Apr 08, 2017

Splendid Excellent

by Ahmer J K

Oct 18, 2016

Excellent course!