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Construction Project Management introduces you to Project Initiation and Planning. Industry experts join Columbia University professor, Ibrahim Odeh, to give an overview of the construction industry. Professor Odeh teaches the fundamentals of the Project Development Cycle while guest lecturers discuss Lean Project Delivery method and Lean Design Behaviors. Technological advances, such as Building Information Modeling, will be introduced with real world examples of the uses of BIM during the Lifecycle of the Project. The course concludes with Professor Odeh discussing the importance of project planning and scheduling and an opportunity to develop a Work Breakdown Structure....




This was a great experience. It gave the confidence to tackle such issues as Duration of Activity Schedules and many more. Learned a lot and course content will forever be my guide on future projects.



I thought it was a great intro coming from my Architecture background and looking forward to the other classes. I did think the information was occasionally repetitive but overall it had a great flow.


建設プロジェクト管理: 126 - 150 / 1,243 レビュー

by Diego K V


This course was much more demanding and deep than I had anticipated. What a pleasant surprise. I thank professor Ibrahim Odeh for the material and I truly recommend this course for everyone that either pursues to "refresh" their ideas on the industry or to start anew.

by Khalid


It is a very beneficial course, which gives a great foundation to the construction management field. Believe me, all the modules are better than the other one. I encourage anybody who is interested in construction management to take the course without any hesitation.

by Amadou M S


I'm in my 8 years working in Construction Project Management as a Superintendent and some time project manager but i learnt so lot in this courses, i never thought it was part of my daily work. Thanks for all this ressources that will help me became smarter at work.

by Alex P M


Estimado Prof. Ibrahim Odeh

Felicitarlo por la iniciativa de desarrollar un curso tan bueno. Es de mucha utilidad para las personas que estamos inmersos en el mundo de la construcción. Nos presenta nuevos concepto que son muy prácticos.


Alex Paliza Morales

by Adejobi A O


I find this course interesting and easy to understand for anyone who has been in a construction project as it broadens your thinking beyond your previous views on construction projects.

I recommend this course to every professional in the construction industry.

by Kalai S


A​ really good course with well researched practical experiments with resourceful persons. The presentations were to the point, not too much elaborated, which is quite good. The quizzes and the assignments were good. Had a great learning experience. Thank you!

by David T


Broad spectrum of information yet precise layout of fundamentals of project/construction management that will certainly help you in any project you may partake in. Well-balanced course that is rigorous but not stressful to complete, for which a special thanks.

by Cian G


I found the course context very easy to understand, across all presenters. Industry relative input was comprehensive while concise. The assignments tested all aspects of the lecture material. The note-taking system assisted greatly in reflection and study.

by Alonso A S


The course is an excellent starting point for people aspiring to increase their skills in construction management. The contents are presented clearly, and by accomplished professionals in the area which enhances the credibility of its real-life applications.

by Amar M


Great lectures coming from professional and academic people, starting from Professor Ibrahim Odeh! The content was very understandable, easy to learn, and was listed correctly so every lecture relates to one another and doesn't interfere in another lecture!

by Mustapha H


As a Residential and Commercial Lighting consultant for 12 years, taking this course give an ample insight in the constructional industry. The course is structured layer by layer and the instructors explained all facets of the course clearly and precisely.

by Zülgayir Y


Thanks to the dedicated and knowledgeable teachers, we received valuable information. Every detail is reflected in the lessons and is noticed. Labor knowledge and everything you send us

Thank you for your continued success.

Best regards

Zülgayir YILMAZ

by Andrew


This is a great introductory course that does a really good job at beginning dialogues with students about major topics in construction management. I would recommend this course for anyone wanting to get their feet wet in terminology and basic processes.



Must take to learn more on construction management. Gives a really good insight into real world scenario and ho to become a good manager both to the company and its employees. Taught by world renown professionals in the construction field and professors.

by Ishan A


It is a really good course to understand the basics of construction Management. My understanding of the projects and the all of its elements improved a lot and I gained lot of new knowledge from this course. I would recommend to all the Civil Engineers.

by Nayef N N O


Perfect Course, many of the essential topics in construction industry have been addressed, I wish that you can touch more on the the integration between Lean, BIM and Project Delivery methods, in which more discussion about the challenges and solutions

by Chiranjit M


It was a great experience to have a course like this. We should not bound our-self within a bachelors degree itself. This course has taught me a lot & i am thankful to all the professors & Columbia University & Coursera for providing me this platform.

by Richard S


Just a wonderful course, I love the presentations. The content is well delivered and understood, the discussion forums and ability to bounce ideas off your fellow classmates is wonderful. The ease of access and ability to learn while on the go is very

by Elis L M M


Very interesting course. I would reccomend it to everyone. The only thing that was not so useful for me were modules which are very specific such as Bonds. However, these might be useful in the future, for we dont only work where we live.

Great course!

by Mosi E


Thank you very much for the course. I truly appreciate you and the time you spent on this course, this course helped me to grasp the fundamentals of Construction management effectively and conveniently. My kind gratitude to the amazing instructors.

by pakizasiddiqui


I love the course and coursera. Thank you so much coursera and its team for supporting me. Everything from lecture videos to quizes, assignments and especially reviewing the assignments are tooo good and well organised. Thank u so much Odeh sir!!!

by ratan d


This course helped me a lot to understand the construction industry and challenges, opportunities involved in it. I would further like to do courses like these to enhance my knowledge and stand out from other people. Thanks a lot for this course.

by Henrique G O


Excellent Course, the classes are really focus on construction management, and the experience of the professors complete all the learning that the course provides. The course has good examples and every activity helps to assemble the knowledge.

by Rodney S


I am a construction professional and I took this course as a refresher. It was a very good course given by seasoned industry professionals. I would recommend to anyone that wants to get a good overview of the construction management process.

by Michael D


Gave me a better understanding of what construction management is. Before I knew literally nothing and now I've gained a basic understanding then what I barely knew of it. Now I know what I have to look at to get a better grasp of everything.