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Throughout history, pandemics have devastated populations and changed the trajectory of mankind. The global effects of the current COVID-19 pandemic have disproportionately affected certain regions and population groups. This course provides an overview of the far-reaching impact of COVID-19 and presents contact tracing as a tool to mitigate the spread of the disease. Contact tracers are critically needed to help state and local health departments, particularly in large and diverse states such as Texas. This course was developed during the early phases of the COVID-19 pandemic, and thus, some of the data regarding disease prevalence, mortality, and vaccines have changed over time. The content, which addresses issues specific to population health and contact tracing during a pandemic, remains relevant. Acknowledgments: The Epidemiology and Pregnancy and COVID-19 module authors would like to thank Andrew Roblyer, CHSE, Bettina Beech, MD, MPH, and LeChauncy Woodard, MD, MPH, for their assistance in creating illustrations and providing editorial feedback. The Community Resources team would like to thank Gabriela Mohr, Doctoral Student, University of Houston Graduate College of Social Work, for her help in developing references. The authors of the Ethical, Legal, and Regulatory Considerations module authors would like to thank their research assistant Cody Miller. The authors of the Vaccine and Spread module would like to thank Andrew Robyler and C. Griffin Litwin, BA, a UH NSM post-baccalaureate student (BA in Politics), for his instructional design expertise. Thank you to Matthew Castillo and Iggy Harrison for their help in creating the video modules....




Very informative for people that are/are not in the Health Care Profession. Course work was challenging but necessary to give a complete picture of what is expected and what NEEDS to be done.



Very nice overview and educational tool for contact tracing. While some of the data needs to be updated as a lot has changed in the past couple of months, it was very informative.


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by Williams C I W





Thank You

by botta a d


Very nice

by Dibyanshu S D



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by Patricia W


Good course, though some issues in the presentation of materials. Specific problems: One video (Health Equity) was illegible, the links on the powerpoint slides didn't work, the video slide reader going so fast you couldn't follow the words on the slides (Pregnancy), the Pregnancy segment gave opposite information on risk from the ACOG, and some of the quiz questions were poorly worded/confusing or had downright stupid choices. But overall, definitely worth doing.

by Joshua Q


Several of the sections had audio issues that made it hard to understand what was being discussed. Also, the two sections that discussed intersectionality used a very surface level definition of the term by Dr. Kimberle Crenshaw. A more appropriate phrase that could have been used is "COVID-19 affects many intersecting parts of our lives." Not a huge deal, but still worth mentioning as it further misconstrues the term.

by Bernie L


The course was really informative about the topic that has only become an issue since the end of 2019. It really broke down the topic from every point of view. Some which I hadn't realized would be feel the affects of this pandemic. My only complaint is that every time I open link from the NY Post, it wanted me to subscribe. I didn't so in turn I missed out on the info shared by those particular articles.

by Mesonma A A


The course discusses COVID-19 and its impacts, as well as appropriate and effective ways to carry out Contact Tracing. My favorite part of the course was looking back in time towards other pandemics/epidemics, learning about how society coped and worked through it, and thinking about how we can use those experiences to help us through this pandemic.

It's quite a bit to get through, but you'll make it! :)

by Brigid M


This is the first time I've taken an online course of this type. I thought it was well-developed and I learned more than just contact tracing. In fact, most aspects covered seemed to be less about contact tracing and more about Covid-19 background information. I wish I'd done a bit more overview of how to navigate the modules. I just leaped in and learned as I went along.

by Marilyn T C


Good overall exposure to the multi-faceted aspects of Contact Tracing. There is a problem in a course like this that the information is changing almost daily and some of the references that may have been valid in March are now suspect or disproved, particularly those surrounding Covid in infants and children. Many of the topics in week 2 are repetitive.

by Margaret T


Some of the test questions seemed relatively unimportant to someone we are talking to on the phone: for example there was a question about what is a sign of anxiety and the answer was "wringing of hands". If there are only 5 questions about Mental Health what is the level of importance for that question?

by doodles g


No doubt the information are too good and you can gain loads of knowledge but one thing to concern is the certificate.At least,provide a good logo of the university clearly.The courses are paid here and we expect a good and well designed certificate with the university logo shown clearly.

by Jacqueline T


MANY areas of Contact Tracing to cover in this "population health" oriented course, BUT I am DONE as of today and moving on!!!

THANKs for educational opportunity with C.T. training.

"nurse" Jackie, a serious Adult Learner of NY-NJ areas.

by Ayman R


It is a very interesting course. I learned new things such as contact tracing and I definitely improved my knowledge regarding COVID-19 and other pandemics. In addition, I developed my skills regarding public health and epidemiology.

by Janice E B


Very informative. Well thought out and in depth. I took the course at the end of July and felt that some of the articles and statics should be up dated.

by Mark W


Great Course with valuable information. Several links have expired and are due to be updated leading to my 4 star review.

by Holy R C S


Less Texas specific resources and more generic would be nice since I am in California

by Bryan E S L


Es bueno el curso, pero se hace complicado el no tener traducción al español.

by Lisa P


Great instructors and links. Some links didn't work, hence the 4/5 stars.