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This course introduces you to container technologies and how they can be used to modernize your applications, as well as exploring how different AWS services can be used to manage and orchestrate those containers. Container technologies have existed for years, and are still gaining popularity. Two of the most prevalent options are Docker and Kubernetes - each with its own distinct set of features. Regardless of which technology you choose, one of the biggest challenges with containers is their orchestration. Unlike traditional, monolithic applications where you can only scale at a macro level - an executable, for example - containerized applications scale at the container level. When coupled with a microservices approach, each container can contain the code necessary to execute a single task or function. While this provides a number of benefits, a single application can consist of hundreds of containerized microservices. How do you handle starting, stopping, scaling out and scaling in all of these containers? AWS offers a number of services that help with container orchestration, including Amazon Elastic Container Service (ECS), Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Service (EKS), Amazon Lightsail, and Amazon Elastic Container Registry (ECR). Throughout this course, expert instructors will dive deep into these services as well as general container technologies and capabilities. This course uses a combination of video-based lectures, delivered by AWS technical trainers, demonstrations, and hands-on lab exercises to enable you to deploy and manage a containerized application....



Great overview of building containerized apps on AWS. Sequential approach taken in the labs allowed you to utilise what you had previously learned in the preceeding labs.


fantastic course.\n\nSmall feedback in week4 lab - was in last step while running fargate it gave error can not find config, even it was present.


Building Containerized Applications on AWS: 1 - 25 / 80 レビュー

by Alin P


Most of the information conveyed in this course is from the AWS documentation. The labs are really just copy paste, so you don't really learn anything new. Quizzes are quite simple and they have few questions, i.e. I would have preferred more questions to cover most of the information from the course. Many of the videos do not use presentation aids (e.g. diagrams) instead I have a person that wastes time introducing themselves every time (despite doing that two videos ago) and just talking. This is not helpful since most people care read many times faster than then can hear, hence the same information can be learned from the docs. There are not course slides, or transcripts that I can refer to for summaries, or high level views of the material. Overall I'm quite disappointed and I regret paying for the certificate, but I was curios about the quizzes and the labs, which which you can access only after paying for the course. I do not recommend this course.

by Александр Л


The labs are good, but video lectures poor for illustrations. Also, the course more looks like an advertisement for AWS services

by Manish M


Course is thorough and very informative. However, there is at least one lab that does not work as intended and there is no way to make progress. There is no help offered in resolving these issues. In fact, the discussion forums do not appear to be monitored at all. Don't see any response from any of the staff.

by Jonah W


Bummer, I was looking forward to Week 4 on Kubernetes but the lab had nothing to do with it. EKS was the whole reason I took this course. While I learned a thing or two about ECS and Fargate it wasn't really why I took the course. Ultimately, I feel like I've wasted my time.

by Hee-Meng F


I was really disappointed that there was no lab for Kubernates and how to use it with. EKS. Instead there was so much material on ECS. It is clear that the industry is moving towards K8 but instead this course chooses to focus on ECS.

by Elliot C


Great introduction to containerisation, docker, kubernetes and the AWS offerings. The pace of the course was good. The labs were great but it helped me to write out each commands yourself and take on the scenario giving in the course rather than copy/paste. This helped me to learn more. The quizzes could be more difficult.

by S G


Thanks to well-organized Labs-sessions and beloved Instructors, I was able to understand the concept of building containerized apps on AWS

by Sérgio M d R P d S


The content is quite good, and it builds step by step from an isolated container to a complete Kubernetes cluster management. The videos are concise and the instructors clear and fun to watch. If you want to take a step into Docker and AWS, this is a particularly good introduction.

Oh, and the labs are great as well - they really get you handsy with the details.

by Anna I


Great course. Labs are very useful, but unfortunately some steps didn't work for me at the last lab. Anyway, I don't want to downgrade this course, although 4/5 is more suitable. But 5/5 for possibility to try Amazon services and positive tutors who give general information beyond Amazon products.

by Daniel O


The course was great with a lot of interesting content, full of labs and well explained. There were some outdated commands in some labs but the general experience was really positive and the variety of teachers and teaching styles helped me to understand the topics better

by Marco G M


Generally, It is a great course (very well prepared) explaining basics and what the AWS solutions aim to solve, not just talking about their products. The labs were very important to settle the knowledge aquired. Hoped to have a EKS-App Mesh lab... Thanks!!!

by scott j


Great course, content and instructors, highly recommended for in-depth information on Docker, Kubernetes and AWS interactions with Amazon offerings such as ECS, EKS and AWS monitoring and facilitation tools. Thanks Coursera and AWS for this course offering.



I loved this course! In few lessons, it was possible to learn a lot of interesting things about containers and kubernetes. And the labs are designed to help you to learn exactly what you need offering a lot of detail.

by João G J


This course is very clear, concise and with plenty of practical exercises. Futhermore, the course provide detailed explanations in each step, progressing regarding the complexity. Vert well designed!

by Dean s


Great overview of building containerized apps on AWS. Sequential approach taken in the labs allowed you to utilise what you had previously learned in the preceeding labs.

by Juan C G C


Está bastante bien para conocer las opciones de AWS en custión de contenedores, aunque a mi parecer añadiría algún caso de uso o ejemplo con EKS.

by Sunil P


fantastic course.

Small feedback in week4 lab - was in last step while running fargate it gave error can not find config, even it was present.

by MD. A H B


I am very thankful to this course instructor and lab designer, his every instruction was pixel perfect.

I love all of them.

by Noble M


Unquestionably the most fun and at the same time informative course i have done on this platform to date.

by Vasileios K


Nice course to get an overview of how to deploy and operate containerized applications in AWS.

by Anand A


An excellent overview of containers in microservices architecture and associated AWS services

by Madhup S


A few labs/exercises don't work however overall the course and the experience is good.

by james o


Great teachers, also great that an AWS platform is set up for you to run the labs

by Robert B D


Really great little course. The size is just about right and the content good.

by Javier


It was awesome! Thanks to all the teachers for a great learning experience! ;)